ReSound Unite Mini Microphone

Stream voices and sound directly to your hearing aids
Difficulties hearing speakers at large gatherings? Simply ask the speaker to wear the Mini Microphone, or place it close to the speakers from the audio system. You will clearly hear the speaker from at least 7 meters away.

Given up going to restaurants because it is just too hard to hear? Experience how nice it is to hold private conversations no matter how noisy the restaurant.

Can’t hear passengers while driving the car? With the Mini Microphone, the engine noise will no longer drown out voices – even if he/she is sitting on the back seat. Road trips will be a pleasure again, and transporting kids/grandkids will be more relaxing when you can easily hear them.

Want to hear music while exercising or mowing the lawn? Just plug the Mini Microphone into an MP4 player and stream sweet music directly to your hearing aids.

Don’t enjoy watching the game with friends anymore?
If you struggle hearing both your friends and the TV during a big game at their place, just place the Mini Microphone in front of their TV and get the extra boost you need to hear what you want. If you have the Remote Control 2, you can make on-the-spot volume adjustments between hearing the game and hearing what your friends are saying.

Getting started is easy

The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone is very handy and easy to set up and use. It will quickly become a valued part of your daily life.

Set-up guide

See just how easy it is to set up the new ReSound UniteTM Mini Microphone

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Usage guide

See how simple it is to use the new ReSound Unite Mini Microphone.

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What others are saying about the Mini Microphone

“I just want you to know how you've changed our life. We can converse in a car and he participates so much more because he can really hear a lot better. We’d never realized how much it had isolated him socially.”
(Wife of retiree, Michigan, USA)

“This little guy is the best thing to come along since sliced bread. It works great. I plugged into our [MP4 player] yesterday and just left [them] in the golf cart while I worked nearby in the yard. I walked away from the cart and made it at least 30ft before the signal was affected…
(Retiree, USA)

“This is THE BEST technology improvement in many years. The mini-mic has completely changed my life. I have met with several people in restaurant and bar environments and been able to confidently hold a conversation and ACTUALLY understand most everything that they said.

I have used the Mini Microphone on our hibachi chef and heard lots of funny jokes that I have missed out on and can now drive more safely because I let my children put the mic on their seatbelt and I can HEAR them without looking in the rearview mirror.

This technology has allowed me to RELAX and listen and feel connected in groups and noisy situations.“
(Audiologist, USA)

“It’s not a gadget…they help with hearing.”
(Male, Employed, First-timer)


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