Legacy hearing aids


ReSound Live

Just like going from a set of stereo speakers to a fully customized surround sound system, ReSound Live hearing aids give you a sound experience that puts you back in the center of life.
ReSound Live


dot² by ReSound  

dot² by ReSound is really small - 1.38 grammes-small to be precise. But that isn’t all. dot² by ReSound is powered by our surround sound processor, giving a rich, near-natural listening experience and puts you back in the centre of your life.
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ReSound Azure

ReSound Azure is a high-end hearing aid that combines the latest digital sound technology with sleek, elegant and contemporary design.


A hearing aid for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise on either design or sound.

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ReSound Ziga

ReSound Ziga proves that hearing aids do not have to be expensive to deliver real benefits. 

Equipped with the latest technology, push button to select programs according to specific situations and volume control, it delivers great sound quality at a very affordable price.

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ReSound Essence

ReSound Essence is the ideal hearing aid for budget-conscious consumers. 

Based on tried and tested technology, ReSound Essence delivers everything you need to enhance your quality of life. 

It’s strong enough to handle everyday wear and tear, and its outstanding battery life means minimal cost for replacement batteries.

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ReSound Pulse

Resound Pulse delivers supercharged, open-fit performance, convenience and style in an exceptionally small hearing instrument. Suitable for people with mild to moderate high-frequency hearing losses, ReSound Pulse offers:
  • Excellent comfort 
  • Natural sound quality – no blocked-up feeling in your ears 
  • Attractive colors 
  • Rechargeable convenience
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ReSound X-plore

ReSound X-plore is designed for anyone who leads an active life. 

If you don’t want to let hearing loss get in the way of your lifestyle, ReSound X-plore is the choice for you. 

It’s small, descreet, and above all, highly comfortable. In other words, a perfect fit for the day-to-day challenges of your active life.

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be by ReSound

be by ReSound is the first and only hearing aid in a brand new category called Remote Microphone (RM). 

It’s extremely comfortable and virtually invisible on the ear, it’s packed with the most advanced digital sound technology, and it sets new standards for wind noise elimination. 

Quite simply the most natural listening experience available.
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ReSound Match

ReSound Match ticks all the boxes when it comes to helping customers with hearing losses from mild to profound with a variety of great solutions and a wide fitting range.

  • Digital quality 
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable 
ReSound Match is so easy to fit – no cables or computers. A simple screwdriver can adjust the colour coded trimmer controls to give the end-user the perfect fit. 


ReSound Clip

Simple and effective fitting for everyone with ReSound Clip bodyworn. 

With the ReSound Clip it is possible to offer benefits of digital technology in an easy to use bodyworn hearing instrument that offers an excellent hearing solution for the user’s need. 

ReSound Clip is very easy to fit - no cables or computers are needed. A range of simple and practical controls enables customization of ReSound Clip to the end user’s exact needs.