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    ReSound LiNX

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    ReSound LiNX

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    ReSound LiNX

    Say hello to the Made for iPhone hearing aid...

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    A direct connection
    to everything they love

    A hearing aid
    that’s Made for iPhone


Give your clients direct access to everything from superior speech understanding to high-quality, stereo sound streamed directly from an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.
PRO 31 copy

New opportunities

With a seamless connection to the world’s most intuitive smart devices, you can introduce even novice users to the profoundly life-enhancing experience of connecting to what they love.
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Top-rated sound quality 

In an independent study comparing premium products from five manufacturers, experienced users gave Surround Sound by ReSound® top-rating.
Read the study
PRO 33 copy

An app makes it easy

The new ReSound Smart™ app unlocks a more personalized hearing experience.

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PRO 34 copy

Fit 90% + of all hearing losses

Thanks to a new Ultra Power
receiver, you can address hearing
losses up to severe-profound
with  our smallest wireless RIE ever

PRO 35 copy

Details matter

With the all-new design,you’ll notice the secure battery door and strong tube connector. Silicone-coated microphones ensure
continued top performance. Even the receivers are coated with iSolate™ nanotech.

PRO 36 copy

Surround Sound by ReSound

Our sound processing strategy results in exceptional speech understanding and a better sense of where sounds are coming from. All with rich, vibrant sound -- even in challenging situations.


What makes ReSound LiNX smart

Frequency compression

New Sound Shaper™ improves audibility of speech cues
that would otherwise be lost, while maintaining the best sound quality possible.

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PRO 42 copy

Twice the power

The new SmartRange™ dual core chip platform has 3rd generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology and twice the power of our previous chip platform.

PRO 43 copy

New Ultra Power receiver

Lets you fit up to severe profound hearing losses. And all receivers have new restructured gain settings for higher performance

PRO 44 copy

Shields against moisture and debris

Our popular iSolate™ nanotech coating offers protection  from wax, dust and moisture–  now we have extended the coating to receivers as well.
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PRO 45 copy

Easier transitions

Binaural Adaption Manager™ gradually applies gain to reach final targets. The 2.4 GHz wireless connection
ensures a coordinated adaption process between hearing instruments.

PRO 46 copy

Binaural directionality

Provides better speech understanding in noise plus a more
natural sense of surroundings – even in the most difficult situations.

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PRO 47 copy

Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II

Provides optimal audibility and listening comfort even when sound environments change rapidly.
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PRO 48 copy

Noise Tracker™ II

Increases comfort in noisy listening situations without compromising speech understanding.
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PRO 49 copy

DFS Ultra™ II with Music Mode

Precisely suppresses feedback, even
in the most challenging situations.
Music Mode provides a clearer, richer
distortion-free music experience.

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PRO 513

Direct connection to Apple devices

Direct connection to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
turns ReSound LiNX into wireless stereo headphones.

PRO 521

Connections to everything else

The ReSound Unite™ accessories let clients hear things even people with normal hearing have trouble catching.

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PRO 53 copy

2.4 GHz wireless technology

Already in our 3rd generation or working with this wireless technology, read more about why it is the best technology to use in hearing aids.
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PRO 54 copy

2.4 GHz ear-to-ear communication

We use 2.4GHz so two hearing instruments can exchange data and work as one system to provide the most accurate sound picture possible.
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PRO 55 copy

Bluetooth® Smart

A new internatonal standard, Bluetooth Smart streams large amounts of data with very low power consumption. ReSound LiNX is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart hearing aid.
PRO 56 copy

Made for iPhone

Means ReSound LiNX hearing instruments connect directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with no additional hardware.
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PRO 61 copy

The ReSound Smart app

Give clients lots of options to not only control but also personalize their hearing experience every day.
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PRO 62 copy

ReSound Aventa 3.6

Fitting software provides you with new tools to ensure an uncomplicated fitting flow. New Synchronized Acceptance Manager and superpower features for the UP receiver offer a whole new level of fitting flexibility.

Consumer marketing

We offer a range of marketing materials to help you promote ReSound LiNX. Have a look at these
international examples, and contact your local ReSound representative for material for your market.
PRO_cube n poster

Product brochures 

Waiting room brochure 

Posters and banners 

POS material 

Campaign images 

Product images

Contact your local ReSound representative to learn more about dispensing ReSound LiNX and how we can support you.

Style section

Our smallest wireless RIE yet, ReSound LiNX gives you smart new ways to fit – and satisfy – just about anyone.

Technology levels

PRO 72 LiNX9
ReSound LiNX 9 is our ultimate product, ideal for users who often move in challenging listening environments. It includes all 2.4 GHz ear-to-ear technologies as well as other proven features that create the unique Surround Sound by ReSound™ hearing experience.
PRO 73 LiNX 7
ReSound LiNX 7 is our premium product, ideal for users who move in mostly moderate listening environments. It offers fundamental ear-to-ear communication benefits and popular ReSound technologies that offer real end-user benefits.
ReSound LiNX 5 is our advanced product, ideal for users who are social in less noisy environments. It includes 2.4 GHz wireless benefits (fundamental ear-to-ear communication, ReSound Unite wireless accessories) and popular ReSound technologies that offer real end-user benefits. 


Items to get you started:

New easy-to-change housing

New housing design makes it easy to change colors to  address your clients’ cosmetics preferences.

Using ReSound LiNX with the iPhone

Setup and Usage guide for 
Made for iPhone (MFi) functionality.
Download now

Video Tutorials

Additional support videos available on our YouTube channel. 
Watch the video tutorials

The ReSound eCademy

Our e-learning modules are always available and easy to use.
Go to the ReSound eCademy

Live training events

We run training events in different regions regularly. Contact your local representative to hear about the next live training event near you.

For more in-depth information about some key technologies, please download the PDFs below


Sound Shaper whitepaper

Download now

Sound Quality whitepaper

Download now

Nanotech Whitepaper

Download now
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