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    Hear the difference
    When they’re deep in conversation.

    When the sound environment is complex.

    That’s when your customers will really appreciate the excellent quality of sound ReSound Alera provides.

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    Hear even more
    ReSound Alera is a wireless hearing aid that features all our most advanced technologies, delivering the best hearing experience to the user. 

    Compatible with ReSound Unite wireless accessories for direct sound streaming from TV, phone and other audio devices. 

    More about Mini Microphone
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    ReSound Alera

A real difference – for you and your customers

Thanks to our unique Surround Sound by ReSound processing strategy, ReSound Alera delivers the best sound ever in a hearing instrument

ReSound Alera sounds better

Surround Sound by ReSound clearly improves the way people hear. They get exceptional speech understanding and clearer, richer, more vibrant sound – even in challenging situations.

ReSound Alera fits everyone

The unique ReSound Alera family allows you to provide the superior foundation of good hearing and excellent sound: an accurate, personalized fitting for virtually every hearing loss and every preference.

ReSound Alera reaches further

2.4 GHz wireless technology extends ReSound Alera’s reach and maximizes its benefits by letting people hear sound sources outside of a hearing device's normal range. ReSound Unite wireless accessories send clear, echo-free sound directly into the hearing aid without an intermediate device.

ReSound Alera is straightforward

Intuitive tools, easy setup and support make it easy for you to provide exceptional speech understanding and clearer, richer, more vibrant sound. And iSolate nanotech coating means fewer repairs and significantly higher customer satisfaction.

A complete range of first-class features 

ReSound Alera comes with our most advanced technologies to give users a listening experience that is second-to-none.

Surround Sound by ReSound

is a digital sound processing strategy that models, cleans, balances and stabilizes sound to give the user a true-to-life listening experience.
More about Surround Sound by ReSound

2.4 GHz wireless technology

provides direct, point-to-point sound streaming, ensuring a fully wireless listening experience. 
More about 2.4 GHz wireless technology

iSolate nanotech

is a unique water repellant coating that provides unmatched moisture protection and great durability.
More about iSolate nanotech

Directional Mix Processing

separates and then balances low and high frequencies, improving speech understanding in noisy environments and giving the user a clear sense of where sounds are coming from.
More about Directional Mix Processing

NoiseTracker II

targets and removes background noise, making listening in noisy environments more comfortable for the user.
More about Noise Tracker II

DFS Ultra

effectively suppresses feedback in even the most challenging situation, making it unproblematic for users to use the phone, embrace, or wear clothing items close to the hearing aid.
More about DFS Ultra

Directional options

including Natural Directionality II and Adaptive Directionality, improve users’ speech understanding in noisy situations while maintaining their sense of what’s going on around them.
More about Directional options


uses the input from both microphones to accurately identify and reduce wind noise, making outdoor use of hearing aids far more comfortable for the user.
More about WindGuard

WARP Processing

models the signal to ensure clear and distinct sound. 
More about WARP Processing

Environmental Optimizer II

automatically adjusts gain and noise settings to suit the sound environment and the user’s needs and preferences.
More about Environmental Optimizer II


lowers the instrument’s noise floor to ensure good sound quality in quiet situations and take away instrument ‘humming’.
More about Exapansion

Environmental Classifier

analyzes sounds and categorizes them into seven types of listening environments, ensuring clear, comfortable sound in any environment.
More about Environmental Classifier
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There’s an Alera for every lifestyle

No matter what kind of lifestyle and hearing loss your customer has, there’s a ReSound Alera to meet their needs. Unfold our full feature overview below.
ReSound Alera 9 is our ultimate model, ideal for users who regularly move in challenging listening environments, such as restaurants, large social functions, theatres, travel environments, and outdoors.
ReSound Alera 7 is our advanced model, ideal for users that mostly find themselves in moderate listening environments, such as meetings, shopping, public places, quiet social gatherings, golf or similar outdoor activities.
ReSound Alera 5 is our standard model, recommended for users that mostly find themselves in quiet listening environments, such as home activities, watching TV with family/friends, casual conversations, and card games.
ReSound Alera 4 is our basic model for users who find themselves in mostly quiet environments where wireless connectivity is not necessary, such as one-on-one conversation, watching TV alone, or quiet, solitary activities.

There's an Alera for every customer

The extensive ReSound Alera family allows you to choose an instrument that meets each of your customers’ hearing needs and personal preferences.

All four styles are coated with iSolate nanotech for full moisture protection and are compatible with ReSound Unite wireless accessories.

Wireless connections … with no third device

With ReSound Alera, your customers can connect directly to ReSound Unite wireless accessories. 

ReSound Unite is a series of wireless accessories that extend the range of your customers' hearing aids, helping them hear even more when they’re on the phone, watching TV, listening to music or out with friends. 

Our accessories transmit directly to the hearing aid – without the need for bulky intermediate devices. Using the powerful 2.4 GHz wireless technology, the signal is fast and reliable. The accesories are easy to install, so all your client needs to do is plug in and enjoy direct communication and a rich sound experience.

ReSound Unite Mini Microphone

Portable audio and sound streamer - Clip it onto clothing or plug into an electronic device to hear voice or sound streamed directly to the hearing aid. Use it in the car, at home, at work or social events – even to stream music while exercising.

ReSound Unite TV

Sends crystal clear stereo sound from TVs, computers and many other audio sources directly to the hearing aids from up to 7 meters away. Users can hear both the streamed sound and people around them.

ReSound Unite Phone Clip

Makes talking on a mobile phone automatic, effortless and reliable.


ReSound Unite Remote Control

Offers discreet visual control, making it easy to change programs and adjust volume.

ReSound Alera at your service


Training when it suits you 

ReSound offers a whole range of different training options that will keep you up-to-date on new product development. Check out our online and offline training options below. 

The ReSound eCademy 

With ReSound eCademy, training is only a mouse click away. Our e-learning modules are always available and very easy to use. ReSound eCademy runs a whole series of training modules on ReSound Alera. 
Go to Alera online training

Live training events 

We run training events in our different regions on a regular basis. Contact your local representative to get an update on the next live training event in your area.

Wireless fitting for ReSound Alera 

Say goodbye to cables and streaming devices. ReSound Alera connects to Aventa 3 – the first wireless fitting system on the market. Designed by audiologist and hearing care professionals, this fitting software provides all the tools and functions you need for every type of fitting.
All you need to do is plug the Airlink USB into your PC, and your computer will connect directly to the client’s hearing aids. A really convenient and reliable fitting solution – for you and your client.

Check out the research behind ReSound Alera 

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Selling ReSound Alera

We offer a range of different marketing material to help you market and sell ReSound Alera. Check our global examples of consumer marketing below and contact your local ReSound representative for material available in your market.

Examples of Alera consumer marketing materials

End user brochure
Posters and banners
In-office decorations
Campaign images
Product images