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    Focus and finesse
    Industry-leading DFS Ultra™ II feedback suppression gives users a clearer, richer and more comfortable listening experience - even in demanding situations.
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    iSolate nanotech
    ReSound hearing aids come with iSolate nanotech coating.

    This protection gives the hearing aid users longer lasting hearing aids with unmatched moisture protection, higher user satisfaction and fewer repairs.
    iSolate nanotech
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    Surround Sound by ReSound
    Surround Sound by ReSound gives exceptional speech understanding, a better sense of where sounds are coming from and clearer, richer, more vibrant sound.
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    2.4 GHz wireless technology
    2.4 GHz is a ground breaking wireless technology in hearing aids, primarily because of its long transmission distance. 

    With it, the hearing aids – not an intermediary streaming device – become the center of the wireless system.

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