Remote microphone design

ReSound is the first to introduce the revolutionary Remote Microphone (RM) hearing aid design – the first real innovation in custom instruments in more than 20 years. To put it short: The Remote Microphone hearing aid is smaller, has better sound quality and is much more powerful than conventional custom products.

What is Remote microphone design?

The RM design is unique because the microphone is placed at the end of a flexible tube, which is then placed securely in the concha symba of the pinna. The rest of the instrument is inserted into the ear as with conventional CIC designs. This unique placement of the microphone leaves the end user with many great benefits.

Invisible power 

The invisibility of remote microphone hearing aids in the ear is a revolution on its own. The photos of RM hearing aids compared to competitors in-the-ear devices speak for themselves.



Sound benefits

The placement of the microphone in the concha gives the hearing aid user a much better sound experience. With RM hearing aids the user will experience clear benefits in 3 key areas, compared to conventional custom products:
  • Natural directionality – RM delivers a 2-3 dB increase1 in speech frequencies, leading to as much as 30% better word recognition2
  • Natural Wind noise protection - In trials of RM solutions, over 97% of test subjects said they weren’t bothered by wind noise3
  • Natural sound localization - In a recent study4, conventional instruments that could be expected to perform highly in sound localization tests were compared against the new wave of instruments based on RM technology. Results showed the latter were far more effective in front-back localization
1) Source: L. Picinali, A. Mancuso, G. Vercellesi 2009 - (LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France) / (DICO-LIM, Unimi, Milano, Italy).
2) Source: 2008, trials conducted at University of Giessen, Germany
3) Source: 2008, trials conducted internally at ReSound
4) Source: 2009, T. Van den Bogært, E. Carette, J. Wouters, The Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium