What do accessories give you?

Hearing aids with accessories can do more than help you hear the people close to you. At ReSound, we’re combining innovation with smart technologies to transform your hearing aids into highly personalized hearing portals, allowing you to be involved in virtually any listening situation…or directly connected to virtually any audio device. Automatically. Seamlessly. And intuitively. 

They will dramatically expand your opportunities to communicate, interact and stay connected in a world of rapidly evolving technology. And they are so simple to use that you can focus on life instead of technology.

Why are ReSound Unite wireless accessories best?

Our accessories are extremely intuitive and easy to use. We build them for the specific listening situations you find yourself in. We don’t make all-in-one devices that don’t make sense. 

More importantly, only ReSound has succeeded in building our 2.4GHz wireless protocol directly into the hearing aid itself. This means you don’t need to wear an extra device around your neck and 2.4GHz, the international standard for wireless communication in medical and communication industries, gives you:

Great quality sound: The large data packets ensure your hearing aids receive all the data they need to produce great sound, without any echo or lip synch issues. 

Secure and private connection: Your hearing aids are paired specifically to your wireless accessories, so no one else wearing a wireless hearing aid can accidently hear what is meant for your ears only. What’s more, pairing is easy.
More than streaming: The 2.4GHz wireless protocol gives extra benefits because our system seamlessly works with other2.4GHz devices. That’s why we could make an app to control your hearing aids. Read more about the ReSound Control app.