IIC is the smallest custom product available. It sits deep inside the ear canal, so it’s almost invisible. It’s the perfect solution for those who want a discreet hearing aid and have a mild-to-moderate hearing loss.



The CIC is a small custom style. It’s available with options such as volume control and buttons that change environmental programs. Since there are opportunities for customization, it is popular for those with a mild-to-moderate hearing loss who want a little more control over their hearing aids.



ITC is the most popular form factor within custom hearing aids.

In addition to more options available such as dual mic (directionality), ITC is Made For Apple® and  has wireless functionality, which can connect with smartphones and stream phone calls and music directly to the hearing aids*.

*ReSound Phone Clip+ required for Android users.



ITE is the biggest form factor within custom, but is available for those with severe hearing loss. It has advanced features such as ear to ear communication, wireless connectivity, Made For Apple, etc.



MIH is a unique solution which only ReSound offers. MIH was designed to provide the most natural sound quality and collects sound in the most efficient ways using your own ears. MIH is also Made For Apple.

In MIH the microphone is taken out from the device giving several advantages:

the devices can be built much smaller
It’s a perfect solution for the wind in noise
There is a lower risk of feedback as the distance between microphone and receiver is further apart than other custom products