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No more changing batteries!

Great sound from morning to midnight

Battery life is a major frustration for many hearing aid users. You don’t have time to be fussing around replacing tiny batteries just to have a conversation. Hearing aids should be hassle-free.

Introducing the world’s longest-lasting rechargeable hearing aid. ReSound lets you get back to enjoying life, without interruptions.


of users state that they can use the rechargeable system without instructions*

*Groth 2018

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See how ReSound hearing aids help you make the most of each day

Battery that lasts all day

With a 30-hour full charge, you don’t have to worry about interruptions to your daily routine. Enjoy all your normal activities without having to compromise your senses for any of it.

Adapt easily to new environments

You never know how much background noise you’ll be faced with. The ReSound app helps you adapt to any sound environment with the touch of a button. From loud gigs to hushed conversations, manage it all on-the-go without fuss.

The world’s longest-lasting rechargeable hearing aid

Never worry about changing batteries or running out of power at a crucial moment. ReSound offers the world’s most advanced rechargeable solution. Full charge offers 30 hours of use, so you can make the most of each day.

Previously, I had to change the batteries every four or five days. Now you just put them in the charging case before bed. It's a big step forward

Knud Pedersen