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ReSound helps musicians bring the joy of music back into their lives

Inspiring a personal musical renaissance and the creation of innovative musical communities, such as Aural Diversity, a new concept of directional music concerts performed by people with hearing loss.

June 10, 2019

ReSound is supporting and championing musical initiatives for people with hearing loss. Music is about self-expression and it evokes a range of emotions, especially for musicians. Unfortunately, research has found that musicians are almost four times more likely to develop noise induced hearing loss than the general public, losing their ability to perform live music or even enjoy music, as their hearing may deteriorate through years of loud music playing concerts and practicing.1 Now a new initiative will help musicians play and enjoy music together again thanks to Aural Diversity, a new project initiated by Andrew Hugill.

For musicians with hearing loss, such as Andrew Hugill, a composer, writer and music professor from the UK who has Ménière's disease, a severe hearing loss, a life without music was inconceivable. Being able to hear and compose music became conceivable for Andrew again when he started using ReSound LiNX Quattro™ hearing aids.  

“I have had other hearing aids before the ReSound hearing aids and never had a music experience. Suddenly I was fitted with these hearing aids and found that I was hearing music again,” said Andrew Hugill. 

This second-chance experience inspired a renaissance with Andrew’s music and an innovative idea to inspire other musicians with a collaborative sound adventure: Aural Diversity. The project celebrates how everyone hears differently and composes music uniquely; it brings together musicians with various types of hearing loss to perform directional music together. Seven musicians with hearing loss, including Andrew, will showcase their distinctive musical genres at the world’s first Aural Diversity concert, sponsored by ReSound, on July 6 in Bath, UK. 

The Aural Diversity concert will involve everyone attending while also focusing on the individuality of each person’s listening profile and how and where they wish to interact with the music. The audience will be able to enjoy aurally diverse music through a truly multisensory experience: streaming to hearing aids or headphones, vibrations in the floor, sign language, surtitles and evocative videos.

“We are proud to support Aural Diversity and the amazing work of Andrew Hugill. He’s an inspiration for all of us, and we believe he can really help people live better lives,” explained Mikkel Hansen, Vice President of Medical Affairs at GN Hearing. 

Aural Diversity consists of a suite of concerts and a conference on November 30 centred around the consequences of aural diversity for sound and music. The conference will comprise academic papers and musical performances.

Another initiative showing ReSound’s support for musicians is under way in Spain. ReSound is driving and sponsoring the Save Your Ears (#Salva tus oídos) social concern campaign, along with the popular Spanish musician Antonio Orozco and other renowned celebrities. The campaign talks about the importance of protecting your hearing, spreading awareness via concerts, university lectures, social media and a talent contest to find the next big musical artists with hearing loss. The celebrities involved in the campaign will also help hearing care professionals fit ReSound hearing aids on children and adults with low incomes at local clinics.  

Everyone has a soundtrack to their life. GN and ReSound are dedicated to helping music lovers hear more and enjoy music again, inspiring them to do more and be more than they thought possible. 

For further information, please contact:
Press and the media
Marie Schleimann Nordlund
Head of PR, Media & Communication 
Tel: +45 31 26 37 34

Lars Otto Andersen-Lange
Head of External Relations & Global Public Affairs
Tel: +45 45 75 02 55

Learn more about Aural Diversity and Save Your Ears.


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