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Hear anywhere.
Go everywhere.

Rediscover your favourite sounds with great simplicity.
Simply natural sounds

Feel liberated with your hearing and hearing aids. Our unique approach celebrates how everyone hears differently and gives a truly individualised experience.

Hear your best. Do what you want, without compromises. With new rechargeable designs in a popular style for mild to severe hearing loss

ReSound ONE BTE 77 hearing aids placed in Desktop charger
Benefits for you
Rechargeable battery icon

Rechargeable and robust

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid icon

Ergonomic design

Birds icon

Natural sound

Connectivity icon

Stay connected

Rechargeable and robust

These rechargeable hearing aids give you enough power on one charge to take you from waking up until bedtime, even when streaming*. They are robust, weatherproof, and easy to take care of.

Place them in the Desktop charger overnight to have the power to get you through a brand-new day.

One charge for up to

23 hours

of use*

ReSound ONE BTE 77 hearing aids placed in Desktop charger
Designed for a great experience

This unique and ergonomic design ensures great performance, all day long, day after day.

It sits low on your ear to improve hearing comfort and ensure the correct placement of the mics each time you put on your hearing aids.

Each hearing aid houses the impressive, proven technology that powers the individualised ReSound ONE™ experience.

Man reading on a bench in a park

Hear through the noise

Clarity even in the noisiest environments is made possible by award-winning ReSound ONE technology. The hearing aids constantly adapt to suit wherever you go.

It's easy for you to get the hearing power you need and the incredible quality and details you’re looking for – without a second thought.

Natural sound all around
Clear sound quality icon

Great, clear sound quality

Immerse yourself in each experience with details and nuances. Sounds and voices feel like new discoveries or old friends and enrich everyday moments.

All Access Directionality icon

Easily locate sounds

Be in the most natural position to hear what’s going on. All Access Directionality automatically adjusts to your listening patterns.

Ultra Focus icon

Hear conversations better

Don’t miss a detail – activate the Ultra Focus feature when needed to hear conversations in extra-noisy situations.

Stay connected

Easily stay connected to the people and things you love.

Streaming calls, music, and other audio, even from navigation apps, straight to your hearing aids from iPhone and iPad or Android™ smartphones using Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Smiling woman pushing button on her hearing aid
Hands-free calls

Enjoy the freedom of hands-free phone and FaceTime calls for iPhone and iPad** to keep in touch with loved ones and the world, whatever you’re doing.
Simply tap the button on your hearing aids to answer calls.

iPhone displaying a call being streamed to a user's hearing aids
Personalising the experience
With the ReSound Smart 3D™ app, you can control and personalise the sound experience to your liking on the go. You can even get in touch with your hearing care professional for help remotely with ReSound Assist Live.
Man controlling his hearing aids from his ReSound Smart 3D app

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