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Your hearing is important

Every day has a multitude of sounds, yet you’re struggling to hear them. People are mumbling or whispering. Music has lost its tones. Your TV or radio is at top volume. Conversations in restaurants, noisy places or on the phone are difficult, so you avoid social situations or taking calls. You stay silent because you feel embarrassed asking people to repeat themselves – or guessing what they are saying. You feel lonely. And tired trying to hear. Sound familiar?

We can help you

While it can feel overwhelming to deal with your hearing loss, we can guide you through the options and on each step towards better hearing. Does that sound good? Read on to get answers to some important questions on your mind.

You are not alone

When it comes to dealing with hearing impairment, you are not alone. One out of three people over age 65 has some form of hearing loss.

It is not only older people who experience hearing difficulties. Young people can also be hearing impaired due to any number of factors, including childhood illnesses or too much exposure to loud noise or music. The truth is, people of all ages may be experiencing untreated hearing loss. With many different treatments options available, there is little reason to avoid taking action .  

Can you prevent hearing loss?
It’s impossible to block out all the noise of our busy world. Whether it’s construction, car traffic or loud music at a concert, modern life has a way of making a racket.

But you can control some of your noise exposure. For example, it’s a good idea to take earplugs along to concerts and movies that feature a loud soundtrack. It’s a great idea to wear earplugs while using noisy household machines such as leaf blowers. People who work in noisy environments should ask their employers to provide hearing protection.
How can you treat hearing loss?
Hearing loss doesn’t have to affect your lifestyle. Modern technology offers a wide range of options for treating hearing loss, like hearing aids, that allow you to live life to the fullest/without boundaries. 

Made with state-of-the-art design and technology, hearing aids are durable and easy to operate. Used regularly, they will allow you to enjoy your surroundings in a whole new way. 
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Put your hearing to the test 

Check your hearing with our quick, easy and free online hearing test.

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You can be confident that there is a perfect hearing solution for you regardless of your hearing loss, preferences and lifestyle.

Caring for a loved one
While it can be tough to help a loved one with hearing loss, it can be done – and it can help set them on the path to better hearing and a more enjoyable social life.
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Children with hearing loss

For children with hearing loss it is even more vital to take action immediately.

Age-related hearing loss

Age-related hearing loss can occur gradually as you grow older.

Severe hearing loss

Severe hearing loss can occur at any age and may be present at birth.


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