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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReSound Relief? 
What makes ReSound Relief unique? 
Do I need hearing aids to use ReSound Relief? 
Will ReSound Relief run on my phone? 
Is ReSound Relief free? 
How to download the app? 
Is Relief designed for all severities of tinnitus? (i.e. Mild to Severe) 
Will ReSound Relief cure my Tinnitus?
What are the subscription plans for Relief Premium? 
Relief Premium – how long should someone subscribe for? 
What data does ReSound collect from the user? 
Does ReSound collect Personal Data from the subscriptions? 
ReSound Relief, your personalized tinnitus management program


Phone compatibility:
Any Apple or Android device as long as the operating system version is above: 
Apple iOS 7.03 and Android 4.1

The app works with any Bluetooth enabled or wired: speaker, hearing aids, hearables, earbuds or headphones. 

Need personal assistance?

We work with hearing care professionals all over the world and can quickly connect you with one in your local area. 
ReSound hearing care professional interacting with a patient during an appointment.