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The ReSound Smart™ app is now available to millions of additional users
GN ReSound announces expanded Android capability with the ReSound Smart™ app for Smart hearing aid wearers as compatible devices now include the Samsung Galaxy S®4, Samsung Galaxy S®6, Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge, and Samsung Note® 4. The expanded Android capability is also included in the corresponding Beltone HearPlusTM app. Thus, millions of additional users can now gain access to the personalized control of ReSound Smart hearing through their smartphones. The ReSound Smart app is already compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S®5 and all Apple iOS devices (iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Apple Watch®).

August 26, 2015 

Launched in early 2014, the revolutionary technology found in ReSound Smart hearing aids allows wearers to personalize their hearing like never before. Through increasing compatibility with several of world’s most popular smartphones, an even larger population can now enjoy the power of direct control over GN ReSound’s discreet and easily customized hearing solutions through the ReSound Smart app.

GN ReSound’s technology puts control at the wearer’s fingertips through the ReSound Smart and Beltone HearPlus apps. Now available on these additional Android devices, the apps allow users to adjust their hearing aid settings based on personal preference and listening environment through these options:

  • Adjust preferred volume, treble and bass levels
  • Personalize listening situations involving speech, background noise and wind through multiple sound enhancement features
  • Geo-tag frequently visited places – such as home, work, favorite restaurants and more – to automatically switch to preferred settings when arriving at those places
  • Employ the “Find My Hearing Aids” function to pinpoint hearing aids if misplaced
  • Activate sound streaming to hearing aids from other ReSound and Beltone devices (such as the ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer 2)
  • Customize tinnitus sound therapy

At GN ReSound, it is our mission to harness the potential of technology to enhance accessibility for people with hearing loss. Now millions of Android users can achieve greater control of their hearing with our connected, personalized solutions. And we remain committed to increasing the number of devices compatible with the ReSound Smart app to make life sound better for as many as possible,” GN ReSound CEO Anders Hedegaard says.