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ReSound Up Smart - Because every word matters
ReSound Up Smart is a new kind of Smart Hearing aid that adapts to the way children live today, combining the best available sound quality and access to speech with new possibilities to connect with their world.

Why choose ReSound for your child?

ReSound hearing aids help connect your child to the world, giving them access to the essential sounds and speech of everyday life.
Our philosophy

ReSound Up Smart features

  • Sound quality
  • Wireless connectivity and accessories
  • Personalization and apps
  • Design

Phone Clip+

Help your child make crystal-clear phone calls from an Android phone and stream music from their phone.

Remote Control 2

Adjust the volume or mute your child’s hearing aids, change programmes and see all the settings at a glance.

TV Streamer 2

Stream stereo sound to your child’s hearing aids from a TV, computer or music system.
Styles available

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

This style rests comfortably behind your child's ear. The sound travels through a tiny tube to a custom earpiece called an earmold that fits in the ear canal. This style is appropriate for people of all ages and fits the widest range of hearing loss.

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