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What is a hearing care professional?

Finding a good hearing care professional is an important first step in managing hearing loss, but who are hearing care professionals and what do they do?  Hearing care professionals are specially and uniquely trained in the treatment of hearing and balance. Regardless of which type of hearing care professional you see, he or she can match you with the hearing aids that are appropriate for your hearing loss, and provide support to help you get the most from their use.
How to choose a hearing care professional?
Hearing care professionals can be found in many different settings such as hospitals and hearing centers, hearing aid retailers, public and private schools and universities and in the various military industries. Finding the help and support of the right hearing care professional can make a profound difference in your hearing experience.
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An individual with a Master's degree who identifies, assesses and treats disorders of the hearing and balance systems. They can select, fit and dispense hearing aids and other related devices. They can also program cochlear implants, provide instruction, rehabilitation and counseling services to help communication.
Hearing aid specialist
An individual who has a Diploma of Audiometry can provide hearing assessments, fit hearing aids and provide counseling and rehabilition to people with hearing loss.
Ear-Nose-Throat doctor (ENT)
Medical doctor specialising in diseases of ear, nose and throat. An ENT is able to perform and supervise hearing and balance testing and surgery as well as prescribe medications. They also provide cochlear implanatation and bone anchored hearing aid surgery.
What to expect during your first consultation
There’s an easy and painless way to figure out what is
going on with your hearing and how you can improve it - by visiting a hearing care professional and taking a test. Before the test begins, you will discuss the types of hearing situations that have become difficult for you. Then the hearing care professional will look into your ear to make sure there are no obstructions.
Personalized hearing care

A hearing care professional gives you personalized hearing care, including:

  • testing for hearing loss
  • assisting you with selecting hearing aids
  • fitting hearing aids to your unique requirements
  • guiding you with all matters of hearing aid maintenance and support