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There's a hearing aid that fits you

Today’s hearing aids are comfortable, discreet and offer a variety of features. There’s a hearing aid out there for everyone. How can you choose the hearing aid that’s right for you? By examining your unique requirements, you and your hearing care professional can determine the best fit for your needs. 
Types of hearing aids
There are many styles and hearing aids vary in size, colors, special features and the way they fit in your ears. Your hearing care professional can help you choose the hearing aid style that fits your lifestyle and needs.
Listening and lifestyle needs
Your lifestyle and the listening environments you frequent most have a great effect on what hearing aid will be ideal for you. Which hearing aid fits your lifestyle best?

Challenging lifestyle

You’re active and need to communicate with many people throughout the day. You spend time in loud and complex environments like noisy restaurants, sporting events or concerts.

Moderate lifestyle

Communicating in small groups and participating in social gatherings is important to you. You enjoy activities like shopping or going to the theater.

Quiet lifestyle

Most of your time is spent at home or in a quiet environment, but you need to be able to hear in one-on-one settings.

Favorite activities

You might enjoy going to a concert or going out dining with your friends or family. Or you might prefer going to the fitness center or running in the forest while streaming your favorite music straight to your hearing aids. No matter where your day takes you, you can rest assure, your ReSound hearing aids will adapt to your routine and hobbies. 

Easy personalization

You’d like to use an app to discreetly adjust your hearing aid settings at any time.

Stream entertainment

Being able to relax and enjoy entertainment with others is important to you. You want to be able to stream TV, music, videos and more directly to your hearing aids.

Cost of hearing aids

The cost of hearing aids vary a lot depending on the style, technology and features. The service and support of a hearing care professional is an important part of acquiring a hearing aid and is often also included in the cost. The cost will depend on your country's healthcare system and insurance.

All of this makes it difficult to provide a specific price.

Get guidance from a hearing care professional
Your hearing care professional is an important part of the process of choosing a hearing aid. They’re specially trained to provide personalized and specific recommendations so that you get the most out of your hearing aids. Your hearing care professional will work with you to find the style that best fits your lifestyle, budget and degree of hearing loss.
ReSound hearing care professional interacting with a patient during an appointment.
What to expect during your first consultation
There’s an easy and painless way to figure out what is
going on with your hearing and how you can improve it - by visiting a hearing care professional and taking a test. Before the test begins, you will discuss the types of hearing situations that have become difficult for you. Then the hearing care professional will look into your ear to make sure there are no obstructions.