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How to help your loved one

We've gathered some topics below which might help you better understand and support your loved one. 

What are the signs of hearing loss?
Accepting hearing loss can be very difficult for those experiencing it and it might be ignored for a long time.

Do you suspect that someone you love may have hearing loss? These can be some of the early signs of hearing loss you should look out for:

You continually need to speak louder for them to hear
You get the sense your loved one is missing out on parts of conversation
What is hearing loss?
Hearing loss can be something that happens suddenly if you’re exposed to a loud sound or bang. It can also happen slowly over a long period of time, which is often the case with age-related hearing loss. Understanding hearing loss is an important first step towards doing something about it.
Should you worry?
By taking this short questionnaire, you can understand whether or not your loved one might have hearing loss. Click the button below to learn more.
What's next?

If you think that your loved one might have hearing loss, it's important you help them take the next step towards better hearing. 

A first step would be to visit a hearing care professional and identify the problem and the options you have going forward. 

Test your loved one's hearing online
If you can’t wait to take your loved one to see a hearing care professional, you can start by helping them take our online hearing test today.