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Addressing the true needs of hearing aid users: Smarter Fitting
GN ReSound has a history of solving key problems for both the hearing aid user and the audiologist. 

April 18, 2016


Research shows that hearing aid users' satisfaction levels are driven by the service they receive from the audiologist during and after fitting. Most people take the first steps on their journey to rediscover hearing together with their audiologist.

But too often this relationship is cut short when it is needed most: when the newly fitted hearing aid user steps out of the audiologist's office and back into their own world of sounds. This is where adaptation really begins.

“At GN ReSound, we believe that continually driving innovation can change what is truly possible for people with hearing loss. Our vision is founded in years of expertise in sound quality and audiology so that we deliver the most advanced hearing aids available. By utilizing the full potential of connectivity, we want to push the boundaries and let people hear more, do more and be more by adding a completely new dimension to hearing aids – a Smarter Fitting. Smarter Fitting involves the three dimensions to improve user satisfaction: user involvement, audiologist counseling and real life adaptation. We want to address the true needs of hearing aid users and solve some of this industry’s real challenges,” said Anders Hedegaard, CEO of GN ReSound.

Today, too many users are not receiving their preferred fit first time. This is costly and time consuming for the audiologist. What if in the future, the fitting formula – benefitting from modern technology – could engage the user and the audiologist directly and more frequent to reach a better fit to preference faster? What if in the future, the user – with guidance from the audiologist – could be able to adjust the fitting without waiting for the next clinic appointment? What if the audiologist and the user could partner up to achieve a fit to preference wherever the user is – in a convenient way?

“While we’ve made strides to bring the most effortless, natural hearing to users, more can be done to ensure they are getting the full benefit of their hearing aids in their everyday lives. For the audiologist, we see an opportunity for a smarter way of fitting – one that maximizes efficiency around the hearing aid fitting process so that more time can be dedicated to counseling users along their hearing journey,” said Anders Hedegaard, CEO of GN ReSound.

Watch this video and learn from their own experience what a few hearing aid users are truly hoping to get from the next generation of hearing aids.

About ReSound

GN ReSound is a leading international developer and manufacturer of innovative hearing healthcare solutions committed to let people hear more, do more and be more than they ever thought possible. The company has reinvented the hearing system with its revolutionary ReSound Smart™ Hearing aids that give impressive sound and personal freedom to hearing aid users through wireless smartphone and tablet connectivity. GN ReSound is part of GN Group comprising a unique portfolio of medical, professional & consumer sound solutions that make life sound better through its research, insights, and expertise in sound.