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ReSound Nexia

Next-era hearing

Top-rated for hearing in noise.
Smaller than ever. Uncompromised.

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EU - 5 reasons to choose RSNexia

... makes hearing easier than ever

Whether you’ve worn hearing aids before or this is your first time, our new and most advanced technology and design of ReSound Nexia™ make hearing easier than ever – it feels almost like not wearing hearing aids at all.

Noisy situations? No problem! Re-join conversations. Jump back into socialising. And… discover your world of sound.

5 reasons to choose ReSound Nexia

...9 out of 10

users recommend ReSound Nexia for hearing in noise.

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Available styles

Browse these small styles to find your favourite.

ReSound Nexia RIE: Sparkling Silver MRIE
Classic RIE 61 (battery)
  • 8 modern colour options
  • 312 Zinc-Air battery
  • Push button functionality
  • Connects to wireless accessories
  • Streams calls from mobile devices
ReSound Nexia RIE: Sparkling Silver MRIE
Classic RIE 62 (battery & telecoil)
  • 8 modern colour options
  • 13 Zinc-Air battery
  • Multi-function button
  • Telecoil
  • Connects to wireless accessories
  • Streams calls from mobile devices
ReSound Nexia microRIE 60 RHI: Sparkling Silver
For single-sided deafness
  • Great choice of domes
  • 8 modern colour options
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion with all-day battery
  • Push button functionality
  • Premium, Standard or Desktop charger

Colour options

Available in stylish colours that complement hair and skin tones.

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Nexia colours

… so small, so comfortable

Now you see it, now you don’t
The ellipse-shape has soft, symmetrical lines and sits comfortably behind your ears.

Confidence with all-day power
These rechargeable hearing aids give all-day power. Place them in the charger at bedtime and they will be ready for a new day.

ReSound Nexia: dining table

… touch to connect

Double-tap your ear for calls
Stream calls from your mobile devices to your hearing aids – just double-tap on your ear (or one of the hearing aids) to answer the call.

Enjoy the future of connectivity
ReSound Nexia is ready for Bluetooth® Auracast™ broadcast audio, the new standard with many advantages over classic Bluetooth. It offers higher sound quality with significantly lower battery consumption, and will transform audio experiences in private and public places.

Audio can also be shared with other devices that have the Auracast technology, like other hearing aids, headphones and mobile devices.

ReSound Nexia: tap control

... improve TV time

Hear your best, especially when life gets noisy at home. Use the TV-Streamer+ to send the sound directly to your hearing aids at the volume you prefer. Brings harmony to family TV time. 

NEW TV-Streamer+
Ready for Bluetooth Auracast broadcast audio. Pair the devices with MagicPairing. Adjust the TV volume and surrounding sounds using the ReSound Smart 3D™ app.

How-to videos

ReSound Nexia: TV streamer

ReSound Smart 3D app

Learn how to wear your hearing aids correctly, personalise your sound experience, and request assistance from your hearing care professional with the ReSound Smart 3D app.

NEW ‘Hear in Noise’ program
Adjust the new ‘Hear in Noise’ program in the app to get the most out of any listening situation.


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ReSound Nexia: smart 3D app in restaurant

Accessories & chargers

Discover wireless accessories


New ways to enjoy sound together – the TV-Streamer+ lets you hear the TV sound clearly in your hearing aids at the volume you prefer.

Premium charger

Take this stylish portable charger with you anywhere. It gives you all-day power and also works as a powerbank for convenient charging on the go.

Try the next era of hearing.
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