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Real life stories

People with hearing loss are at the heart of everything we do.
See what some of these people have to say about ReSound hearing aids.

"I didn’t realise I was missing out"

Olivia Breen, Paralympian sprinter and long jumper

Paralympic and Commonwealth Gold Medal winner Oliva Breen has competed on a global stage since she was sixteen. Traveling the world, competing in packed stadiums and being interviewed trackside by the world’s media are just a few of the challenging situations in which Olivia needs to be able to hear well. Plus of course the busy social life of any typical 26 year old.

“I can’t believe the difference wearing ReSound OMNIA hearing aids has made to my life. I usually find it really difficult to keep up with the chat at meals which is exhausting, but here I am sitting at the end of the table actually being able to get involved! I didn’t realise how much I was missing out on until now”.

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"A tool that’s helped me stay connected"

Hesta Prynn, DJ

Hesta Prynn dreamed since childhood of making a living from music. It was later in life that she realised her career choice as DJ not only enabled her to share her passion for music but was also a way for her to avoid conversations she knew she would struggle to hear.

When she became a mother, she was prompted to look for solutions for her hearing and now she appreciates how hearing aids enable her to stay closer to people socially, at work and especially to her family.

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"I’m no longer that guy sitting quietly with nothing to say"

Jarred Christmas, Comedian

It’s hard to imagine comedian and TV panelist Jarred Christmas as a shrinking violet, but for many years he developed a range of complex coping mechanisms to disguise the fact that he was struggling to hear. He even began to limit bantering with his audience during gigs. His decision to address his hearing has in his own words “transformed his life” both off and on stage, where he can now give the hecklers as good as he gets.

"It’s been a real game changer. In loud settings I can hear so much better with it. I’m no longer that guy sitting quietly with nothing to say – I’m part of the conversation again".

As mentioned in The Mirror.

"To me this is revolutionary"

Caroline Leavitt, Author

New York Times Best Selling Author, Caroline’s hearing changed after an illness but not to tell anyone even her family. Then after years of exhaustion from straining to hear and tired of missing the punchline or being accused of not listening or zoning out, she decided to take action. The first time she tried hearing aids she burst into tears and is amazed at the new benefits each generation of technology bring to her.

"And this is the most amazing thing: for the first time I was able to do a zoom call and I didn't have to wear headphones. And I didn't have to turn the sound level up from what it was. To me this is revolutionary."

"I wore ReSound OMNIA to an NFL game"

Blake Cadwell, CEO and Founder Soundly

As a hearing aid wearer who reviews hearing aids for his blog, Blake Cadwell is well aware of the benefits and limitations of hearing technology. That didn’t stop him putting ReSound OMNIA to the ultimate test at match night at the 70,000 seater Sofi Stadium.

“On several critical third downs (when it gets especially loud) I turned to my football buddies and realized that I understood our conversation better than they did.”

To read Blake’s full review, click here.

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ReSound ONE

Our latest solution gives the most individualised hearing experience using your unique ears the way nature intended. Ideal for mild to severe hearing loss.

Ray Weaver

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ReSound LiNX Quattro

Our advanced rechargeable solution.
 Feel confident hearing the finer details with a brilliant sound that is clearer, richer, fuller. Ideal for mild to severe hearing loss.

Andrew Hugill

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"It's a journey back to music!"

Helge Engelbrecht

ReSound LiNX 3D 

Our first generation of rechargeable hearing aids.
A complete solution for mild to severe hearing loss that provides a clear sense of the sounds around you.

Angel Martinez 

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"I am more active, I am happier!"

Bo Vestergaard

ReSound ENZO Q

The newest premium solution for severe and profound hearing loss.
A powerful technology that perfectly complements Cochlear™ implants.

Mo O’Brien

Is ReSound ENZO Q the right solution for you?

"I want to be the first deaf person rowing across the Atlantic."

ReSound ENZO 3D
Our super-powered digital hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss.
Crisp and clear sound from all directions and in every setting.  

Tara Svensson

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"I feel more connected now, connected to life!"

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