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The ReSound Relief app

No matter how you hear or experience tinnitus, the ReSound Relief app helps you to easily and discreetly manage your symptoms. Find comfort from your tinnitus so you can concentrate on the things that really matter.

Tinnitus relief at your fingertips
The ReSound Relief app is one of the most useful hearing aid apps in the market for relieving and managing tinnitus. As part of a tinnitus management program, the ReSound Relief app offers a combination of sound therapy, relaxing exercises, meditation, and guidance, whenever you want and wherever you are.
Enjoy the benefits of the ReSound Relief app

Tinnitus can have a big impact in your quality of life. Ease the discomfort or stress that tinnitus often brings with the Resound Relief app. It can be used by all people suffering from tinnitus - you don’t have to be a hearing aid user. With your smartphone or tablet and your Bluetooth®/wireless speaker headset, you’re ready to use the ReSound Relief app and be on your way to a more comfortable life with tinnitus.

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Customise your sounds

Each case of tinnitus is unique, and so are you. Layer up to five different sounds and create a soundscape to ease your tinnitus. With your library of soundscapes, balance the sounds between your left and right ears and use a timer for a personalised and soothing experience.

Keep track of how you use the app for your own benefit or for discussions with your hearing care professional.

ReSound Relief app Breathing and training

Coping with your tinnitus

The tinnitus sound therapy helps you to mask the tinnitus, and over time put your focus back where it should be - hear birds chirping, music playing, and all the different sounds around you.

Good tinnitus management goes beyond just sound therapy. Through engaging activities and comprehensive tips, ReSound Relief will engage and educate you, helping you understand and manage your tinnitus better.

ReSound Relief app tinnitus treatment

Devices needed to use the app

Anyone can use this app on their smartphone.

If you have a hearing loss, you can stream the tinnitus relief audio to your wireless hearing aids.
ReSound service and support employee on the phone.



Need help?

Find answers to frequently asked questions and view videos and other support documents about the ReSound Relief app.