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What are Bluetooth® hearing aids?

Digital hearing aids with Bluetooth wireless technology for streaming sound.

Bulky analog hearing devices are a thing of the past. The latest hearing aids are discreet, smart, wireless and come with great Bluetooth capabilities. They enable you to connect with your compatible Apple or Android devices and other wireless accessories. Discover what's new in Bluetooth hearing aids and why a Bluetooth digital hearing aid could be right for you.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a type of technology based on radio waves that is used all over the world. It enables two or more devices to connect wirelessly (invisibly, without cables). They generally have a range of around 30 feet. For instance, this could be your iPhone ‘talking’ to your iPad, which then ‘talks’ to your TV. ‘Talking’ in these examples could be sharing audio, videos or other types of media and data. This is called streaming. You could also use a Bluetooth connection to send an address from the contacts in your smartphone to the GPS in your car.

There are Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, TVs, computers, tablets and music systems. You probably have all or many of these devices in your home. Well, Bluetooth comes in hearing aids too. Having a Bluetooth hearing aid might help you connect with your friends, family, colleagues, and the world in greater ways.

Bluetooth hearing aids | ReSound
How Bluetooth hearing aids work

Bluetooth hearing aids do exactly what the name suggests, they connect to Bluetooth wireless technology. Using the Bluetooth frequency, you can stream calls and audio from your iPhone to your Bluetooth hearing aids. You could also stream music from your iPad or iPod touch to your hearing aids.

There are Bluetooth hearing aids for compatible Apple devices that are called Made for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (MFi) hearing aids. They use Bluetooth wireless connectivity to link directly to iPhone and other devices on the iOS platform, such as iPad and iPod touch.

There are also Bluetooth hearing aids for Android. The hearing aids connect to the Bluetooth frequency to pair up with Android devices, either directly or via a wireless streamer.

Streamers are smart and discreet accessories. They provide the communication link between the wireless technology in the hearing aids and the Bluetooth-enabled devices, which can be multiple devices at once, including your TV.

With Bluetooth-connected hearing aids you can stream sound from virtually any audio source for a customized and convenient listening experience.

how bluetooth hearing aids work
Bluetooth hearing aids by ReSound 
Find a digital Bluetooth hearing aid to suit you and your lifestyle.

ReSound Nexia

Enjoying conversations can be difficult when everyday life is filled with noise. ReSound Nexia™ starts a new era for hearing technology, combining proven performance with cutting-edge features that revolutionise the way we experience sound.


You can hear all the details you couldn’t before in noisy situations. Automatically tune in to what’s happening around you, from any direction. You can also choose custom-made ReSound OMNIA™ hearing aids. Select our smallest style yet that hides in your ears or rechargeable designs that look like earbuds.

bluetooth hearing aids | ReSound ENZO Q

ReSound ENZO Q

If you have severe-to-profound hearing loss, these Bluetooth hearing aids are beyond powerful. They are a complete hearing solution with crystal clear sound, unrivalled connectivity, direct streaming, personalisation and real-time support.

ReSound Key BTE hearing aids allow you stream great sound with Bluetooth Low Energy

ReSound Key

Welcome to great hearing with sound streamed from smartphones and wireless accessories using Bluetooth Low Energy. Our hearing aids are your everyday essentials for communicating and connecting with people and life.
Find your local hearing care professional
If you are considering a Bluetooth hearing aid, the natural next move is to see a hearing care professional. They will be able to identify the hearing aids that match your hearing loss and lifestyle requirements, and show you how to get the best experience while wearing them.
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Test your hearing

If you can't wait to see a hearing care professional, you can start by taking our online hearing test today.
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Bluetooth hearing aid apps
Personalise your hearing experience when connecting to these popular devices.
app for bluetooth hearing aid | ReSound Smart 3D
ReSound Smart 3D app
This popular app works seamlessly with the following ReSound hearing aids: ReSound ONE™, ReSound LiNX Quattro™, ReSound ENZO Q™, ReSound Key™, ReSound LiNX 3D™, and ReSound ENZO 3D™. Use it to adjust sound settings, request remote adjustments for your hearing aids, and more. Download the app, turn on Bluetooth and you're ready to go.
app for bluetooth hearing aid | ReSound Relief
ReSound Relief app
Many people worldwide struggle with tinnitus. Are you one of them? If so, this app will help you relieve and manage the symptoms of tinnitus by focusing on your personal needs. Stream sound therapy, relaxing exercises, meditation, and guidance via a compatible Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad or an Android smartphone to ReSound Bluetooth hearing aids. You can create your ideal routine.
Choosing the best Bluetooth hearing aids

Finding the best Bluetooth hearing aids for you is like choosing your preferred smartphone. It’s personal. A hearing care professional can help you find the right Bluetooth hearing aids for you and show you how to pair them with your iPhone or Android phone – and other devices.

It is best to have a checklist of features that matters to you and will bring you the greatest benefits, day to day. We recommend that a best-in-class Bluetooth hearing aid should have:

    • Brilliant sound experience that adapts with you and your lifestyle

    Investing in brilliant sound capabilities will make audio and speech crystal clear in every environment and from every direction, while filtering annoying background noises.

    • Impressive streaming options from your favourite devices to hearing aids via Bluetooth

    Being able to stream will enrich your lifestyle with convenience and connectivity, whether you are relaxing at home, travelling or enjoying life in the city or the countryside.

    • Intuitive and discreet wireless accessories and apps

    They bring the possibility of true personalization, so you can shape and optimize the sound experience to match you and your life. You know what you like, so you set the parameters.

    • Long-lasting power and easy recharging so your hearing aids work and sleep when you do

    You don't want your hearing aids losing power in the middle of your favourite activity. Choose a hearing aid that powers up and stays alert and in tune with your stamina and schedule.

    The best Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids feature all these elements. They can make you feel that you are wearing headphones instead of hearing aids, and they become one of your essential smart accessories. Also, a hearing aid is an investment in your life and happiness and everyone deserves the best hearing experience. 

    Disadvantages of Bluetooth hearing aids

    There are other factors to consider when buying Bluetooth hearing aids. Hearing aid battery power can drain faster when Bluetooth is enabled, but there are workarounds.

    Low power-consuming hearing aids on the market offer the high-level of performance and connectivity a busy person needs, without draining the hearing aid battery, and they can be recharged easily.

    Rechargeable hearing aids, such as ReSound LiNX Quattro, are a good example. They are small and come with an expertly designed, stylish and transportable charging case – simply drop the hearing aids in for charging. You also have the option of hearing aids that use replaceable batteries.

    Find a hearing care professional | ReSound

    Take the next step with a professional

    Now that you have done your research, a hearing care professional in your area can help you find the right Bluetooth hearing aids for you. They will be happy to hear from you.

    Bluetooth hearing aid testimonials 
    The best seal of approval is from people who have experienced the benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids.
    Where to buy Bluetooth hearing aids 
    You are unique and so is your hearing and hearing experience. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid prices vary along with the features, so an expert opinion at this stage can be helpful. For the next step, we recommend booking an appointment with a hearing care professional. They can help you shortlist the Bluetooth hearing aid options that are best for you and get on the way to better hearing as soon as possible.
    Find a hearing care professional | ReSound