Frequently asked questions about hearing loss and hearing aids

Hearing health

About hearing loss

How many people around the world have hearing loss?
What are the causes of hearing loss?
What can cause loss in children?
What are the different types of hearing loss?
What is conductive hearing loss?
What is sensorineural hearing loss?
What is mixed hearing loss?
Can meningitis cause hearing loss?
What medications can cause hearing loss?
Can noise damage my hearing?
What can I do to protect my hearing?
I suspect that I have hearing loss, what should I do? 

About tinnitus

What does tinnitus mean?
What are the causes of tinnitus?
Am I the only one who suffers from tinnitus?
Does tinnitus have a cure?
What is sound therapy?
Are tinnitus and hearing loss related?

Hearing tests

Where can I get my hearing tested?
Where can I find a hearing care professional?
What happens during a hearing test?
Are hearing tests painful?
What is the price of a hearing test?
Should I get my hearing tested regularly?
How accurate is an online hearing test?

Helping a loved one who has hearing loss

How can I help a loved one who has hearing loss?

Hearing aids

About hearing aids

How does a hearing aid work?
Do hearing aids come in different styles?
Which hearing aid style should I choose?
How can I know if I should wear one or two hearing aids?
What is the price of hearing aids?
Should I purchase hearing aids online?
How to ease the adjustment period for hearing aids?
Will others notice I’m wearing hearing aids?
Do hearing aids help to reduce background noise?
What is the lifespan of a hearing aid?
What are the differences between RIE and BTE hearing aids?
What is the difference between an amplifier and a hearing aid?
What is the advantage of Bluetooth hearing aids? 
Can I get invisible hearing aids?
What are in-ear hearing aids?
What are the smallest hearing aids?
What are CIC hearing aids? 
What is an RIE hearing aid?
Can I connect my hearing aids to my TV?
How can I improve the TV sound for hearing-impaired users?

Cost, insurance and warranty

Is it possible to try a hearing aid before I purchase it?
Can I expect any financial support when acquiring hearing aids?
Does my insurance cover the cost of my hearing aids?
I lost my hearing aids, what should I do?
What is included in the warranty terms?
Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with my ReSound hearing aids?

Daily use

How should I care for my hearing aids?
How should I clean my hearing aids?
Can I wear my hearing aids in the shower?
What to do if hearing aids get wet?

Hearing aid batteries

Where can I purchase hearing aid batteries?
What is the price of hearing aid batteries?
Are there various sizes of hearing aid batteries?
Where should I store my hearing aid batteries?
How long do hearing aid batteries last for?
How can I maximize my hearing aids’ battery life?
Where should I dispose hearing aid batteries?
I swallowed a hearing aid battery, what should I do?
My child accidentally swallowed a hearing aid battery, what should I do?
My pet accidentally swallowed a hearing aid battery, what should I do?

Hearing aids and allergies

At ReSound we design all our products with thoroughly tested and certified materials to minimize the possibility of any allergic reactions. All the materials we use are carefully selected and those that have direct contact with skin are subject to biocompatibility testing and certification. Our products do not contain or have not been exposed to the allergenic fragrances listed in the EU Directive 2009/48/EC.

Allergic reactions caused by wearing hearing aids are very rare but can occur in exceptional circumstances where people have highly sensitive skin. We’ve compiled a set of questions and answers for people with highly sensitive skin or allergies to certain materials. If you have a question that is not listed below, or you would like more information about the materials used in our hearing aids, you are welcome to contact us here

I have been patch tested for contact allergies. Can I wear your hearing aids?
Is it possible a hearing aid can activate dermatitis or another kind of skin irritation even though the hearing aid doesn’t contain any irritants?
I am allergic to nickel. Can I use your hearing aids, or can they activate a reaction?
I have an allergy to latex. Is there any risk of a reaction to latex with wearing your hearing aids?
You use ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) in the shell of your hearing aids. I am allergic to styrene; can I get an allergic reaction from wearing your hearing aids?

Need personal assistance?

We work with hearing care professionals all over the world and can quickly connect you with one in your local area.
ReSound hearing care professional interacting with a patient during an appointment.