Support for ReSound Multi Mic 

ReSound Multi Mic hearing aid accessory.

The ReSound Multi Mic connects directly to any ReSound wireless hearing aid and extends the hearing range by up to 25 metres (80 feet) in clear line of sight.

The Resound Multi Mic works like the ReSound Micro Mic and also doubles as a table microphone, connects with loop and FM systems, and has a mini-jack input to turn your hearing aids into headphones.

Frequently asked questions

Setup & configuration

How do I pair the hearing aids to the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic?
How many hearing aids can the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic be paired with?
What is the latency of the streamed signal?
Does the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic have batteries?
How many streaming devices can I connect to my hearing aids at the same time?
Which devices can be connected to the line-In on the ReSound Multi Mic (ReSound Multi Mic only)?

Use & operation

How do I turn the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic ON and OFF?
How can I see that the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic is turned ON?
How do I know that the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic needs charging?
How often do I have to charge the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic?
How do I start streaming?
How do I stop streaming?
What happens if I get a phone call via the ReSound Phone Clip+ while I am using the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic?
If the streamed signal disappears how do I reconnect?
How do I adjust the volume on the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic?
How far from the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic can I hear the sound?
Does volume adjustments on an auxiliary sound source affect the volume in my hearing aids?
Where should I place the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic?
Can I place the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic in front of a speaker transmitting sound that I would like to hear?
Can I use the ReSound Multi Mic as a table microphone (ReSound Multi Mic only)?
Can other people with wireless hearing aids listen in on the transmitted signal?
Can other people interfere with or disturb the transmitted signal?
Does the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic work through walls?
Is the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic waterproof?


Why doesn’t sound from the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic come through clearly?
What causes a break in connection between the ReSound Micro/Multi Mic and the hearing aids?
Why can I not select line-in or FM mode on the ReSound Multi Mic (ReSound Multi Mic only)?

  Video tutorials

Find out how to make the best use of your hearing aids and their smart features:

See how easy it is to set up the ReSound Multi Mic.
Find out how easy it is to use the ReSound Multi Mic.

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