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Support for ReSound Phone Clip+
ReSound Phone Clip Plus.
The ReSound Phone Clip+ streams crystal clear phone calls and audio straight to your hearing aids. No larger than a matchbox, the ReSound Phone Clip+ is very handy and easy to set up and use. It will quickly become a valued part of your daily life. 

In order to best support those who are experiencing this new world, we've created support materials to help you familiarize yourself with this technology. The user guide will automatically download when you click on it:

User Guide

Frequently asked questions

Setup & configuration

The Hearing aids need to be paired to the ReSound Phone Clip+ to create a private link for further communication, as well as to allow information to be transferred between the devices.

Your hearing care professional will be able to complete the pairing process via dedicated fitting software.

The hearing aids can also be paired to the ReSound Phone Clip+ by:

 - pressing the white pairing button hidden under the silver cap on the ReSound Phone Clip+ and,

- opening and closing the battery doors on the hearing aids within 20 seconds.


The ReSound Phone Clip+ works with a wide range of Bluetooth devices. To find compatible devices look for products supporting one or more of the following Bluetooth profiles: Hands free, Headset. Both profiles are supported by the ReSound Phone Clip+.

The ReSound Phone Clip+ enables your hearing aids to function as a headset for Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and landline phones.

The pairing procedure is controlled by your mobile phone. Different mobile phones have different menu structures. You should therefore refer to your mobile phone’s manual if you cannot complete the pairing procedure with the generic steps described here:

1. Turn your ReSound Phone Clip+ ON and remove the silver cap.

2. Find the connectivity settings on your phone. Look for the “Bluetooth” feature in the main menu or one of the submenus, such as “Connectivity”. (Refer to your mobile phone user guide)

3. On your mobile phone, ensure that Bluetooth is turned ON.

4. Press the small blue Bluetooth pairing button one time to activate Bluetooth pairing mode for two minutes. The LED indicator will turn blue during Bluetooth pairing.

5. On the mobile phone search for Bluetooth devices. 

6. Your mobile phone should present a list of Bluetooth devices discovered. Select “Hearing Aid Phone” from this list.

7. Your mobile phone may then ask you to enter a passcode. If so, enter “0000” (four zeros). 

Your ReSound Phone Clip+ should now be paired to your mobile phone. Some mobile phones may ask which
Bluetooth service you wish to enable. Select “Headset”."

Clip your ReSound Phone Clip+ on your sweater, jacket or other clothing so that the microphone inlet faces upwards. Alternatively wear he ReSound Phone Clip+ around the neck using the lanyard delivered with the unit. Keep the device within a range of 10-30 cm (4-12 inches) from your mouth. 

Up to 8 Bluetooth devices can be paired with the ReSound Phone Clip+, but only 2 Bluetooth device can be connected/active at a time.

As a default, the ReSound Phone Clip+ will automatically try to connect to the last two Bluetooth devices it has been connected to.

When pairing in an additional Bluetooth device, the list of devices that the ReSound Phone Clip+ is connected to will be cleared. Therefore, previous connections have to be added manually through the Bluetooth menu on the phone.

Example: If you use one phone (1) with the ReSound Phone Clip+ and you then pair in an additional phone (2), phone (1) will be cleared from the list of connected devices, and has to be added/activated manually through the Bluetooth menu on the phone.


Use & operation

Turn ON your ReSound Phone Clip+ by sliding the ON/OFF switch down to the ON position.

A white ”I” icon will be visible on the base of the switch and the LED indicator will now blink green every 2.5 seconds.

To turn your ReSound Phone Clip+ OFF, slide the ON/OFF switch upwards to the OFF position.

The LED will now stop blinking.

No. When you pair the ReSound Phone Clip+ to a Bluetooth enabled phone, you are creating a private link between only these two Bluetooth devices. An encryption key is generated to encrypt all further communication providing for maximum privacy.
Other radio frequency devices in near proximity may cause interference, usually adding a crackling noise. Examples of such devices are other Bluetooth devices, wireless networks, microwave ovens, baby monitors and remote controls. 
Battery consumption and the operating time of your ReSound Phone Clip+ depend greatly on the usage of the device. On average, a fully charged battery will allow for 6 hours talk time or 80 hours of standby.
To charge the ReSound Phone Clip+, plug the charging cable into the ReSound Phone Clip+. Then plug the other end of the charging cable into a power outlet. A full recharge takes approx. 3 hours.

Yes - voice dialing is possible if this feature is available and configured in your mobile phone. 

If voice dialing is configured in your mobile phone, voice dialing can be activated by holding the call pick-up/hang-up button for 2 seconds.

When a call is received on your mobile phone, the Bluetooth indicator will flash and you will hear the ringing tone in your hearing aids. You can accept the call in two ways:

1) To accept the incoming call, push the call pick-up/hang-up button once on your ReSound Phone Clip+. If you are wearing two hearing aids, the caller’s voice will be streamed to both of them.

2) You can also accept calls by pressing the accept button on your mobile phone.

To reject incoming calls double-click the call pick-up/hang-up button on the ReSound Phone Clip+.

You can also reject calls by pressing the reject button on your mobile phone.

To end a call via your ReSound Phone Clip+, push the call pick-up/hang-up button once. The call will terminate and your hearing aids will return to the last used program.

You can also end calls by pressing the appropriate button on your mobile phone.

Initiating a phone call is not any different with or without ReSound Phone Clip+: Simply use the mobile phone keypad to enter or select the number to dial. If connected, the phone streaming mode will be activated automatically and you will hear the ring tones in the hearing aids.
Your ReSound Phone Clip+ has an easy to operate volume control (+ and - button) on the side for increasing or decreasing the volume of the streamed signal. Depending on the phone, you can also utilize the volume control in your mobile phone. It is also possible to use the ReSound Remote Control (optional) to adjust the volume, or the ReSound Control app on iPhones or Android smartphones.
Yes, you can change ring tone on your mobile, and that will be the tone you hear when the phone rings.
Yes, you can buy a Bluetooth landline phone adapter, which sends the signal from the phone to the ReSound Phone Clip+ and then to the hearing aids. There is no need to pick up the phone receiver.
No, it is not. Like other electronic devices, exposure to water or excessive moisture may damage the product. If the ReSound Phone Clip+ is unintentionally exposed to water or moisture, wipe it carefully with a soft cloth.


a. The ReSound Phone Clip+ may be outside the range of the device you are trying to pair it with. Move the devices closer together and reattempt pairing.

b. ReSound Phone Clip+ may not be in pairing mode.

This could be caused by a number of things:

1) The ReSound Phone Clip+ is powered off: Power on the ReSound Phone Clip+.

2) The ReSound Phone Clip+ and mobile phone have not been paired: Go through the Bluetooth pairing process and establish a Bluetooth connection between the ReSound Phone Clip+ and the mobile phone.

3) The Bluetooth connection between The ReSound Phone Clip+ and the mobile phone is lost: Assure that Bluetooth is enabled in the mobile phone and establish a Bluetooth connection between The ReSound Phone Clip+ and the mobile phone again.

1) Maybe the ReSound Phone Clip+ and hearing aids are not within wireless range: Assure that ReSound Phone Clip+ and hearing aids are within wireless range.

2) Maybe the battery in the hearing aid is so depleted that it no longer supports audio streaming: Replace the battery in the hearing aid with a new one.

The ReSound Phone Clip+ may be out of the hearing aids range: Try to move the ReSound Phone Clip+ closer to the hearing aids. 
Be sure to speak straight into the microphone, keeping it 10-30 cm (4-12 inches) from your mouth. Do not place the ReSound Phone Clip+ inside your jacket, let the ReSound Phone Clip+ rub against your clothing or anything else during calls.
If the 'auto answer' feature is supported by the mobile phone and has been turned on then this feature enables you to receive calls without having to touch either phone or ReSound Phone Clip+.
On some Bluetooth phones, all signals are being sent to the connected Bluetooth device. For most phones, this can be turned off by setting the phone in 'silent' mode so that pressing buttons or receiving messages does not generate sounds in the phone.
The ReSound Phone Clip+ is fully compatible with ReSound Verso and ReSound Up family.
When used with wireless the ReSound Alera family, the hearing instruments must be initially paired with a ReSound Remote Control 2 to enable the remote control functionality in the ReSound Phone Clip+.
Mute and stereo streaming is unavailable on Alera hearing instruments.
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