Organic Hearing

The ReSound Organic Hearing philosophy lets you connect to the world around you in the most intuitive and natural way.

We make this happen by developing hearing solutions that work with your individual ear anatomy to more closely mimic how sounds are naturally collected and delivered to your brain. This frees up your brain's 'hard drive' for other activities rather than having to concentrate all your energy on listening.

With a foundation of Organic Hearing, our hearing aids deliver the whole sound picture, so you can select the sounds you want to listen to – and tone down the ones you don't.

A long legacy of  Innovations

The ideology behind our hearing solutions is holistic. We consider both your hearing and the different ways you use it in your daily life, which we believe will give the best and most individualised experience with your hearing aid.

Organic hearing allows you to hear the sound of waves

Our innovation milestones

1988 - Multi-band Wide Dynamic Range Compression
2003 - Open fit
2007 - Open access directionality
2009 - Directional processing
2010 & 2013 - 2.4 GHz-based wireless technology & Made for iPhone hearing aids
2020 - ReSound ONE with M&RIE (a Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear design)

Balance nature with science

We take the Organic Hearing approach because we believe that inspiration should come from how we hear and interact naturally with the world around us.

Our goal is to balance nature with science in perfect harmony, designing hearing solutions that perfectly fit your life, instead of requiring you to fit your life around your hearing loss.

Organic Hearing isn’t a new concept to us. The legacy of Organic Hearing naturally includes many examples of groundbreaking innovations.

Organic hearing in a sea shell

The next evolution of Organic Hearing

Our organic approach differs from other more traditional hearing aid solutions.

Organic Hearing, as featured in ReSound ONE, enhances your experience of the acoustic environment, helps restore biological function, immerses you in a rich sensory space, and provides a transparent sound that is unique to you, like nature intended.

ReSound ONE comes in a broad variety of colours

What our users have to say

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