Easy remote
fine-tuning via
the Resound
Smart 3D app

More support every step of the way

At home, at work or on vacation, ReSound Assist allows you to send requests from your ReSound Smart 3D app for fine-tuning, adjustments and updates – and get updated settings straight from your hearing care professional.

Get updated settings at your fingetips

Sometimes it can be hard to describe a hearing experience from your everyday life while in the clinic. When you contact your hearing care professional from your ReSound Smart 3D App, they get all the information they need to help you optimise your hearing aid settings.
ReSound Smart 3D app
Resound Smart 3D app

Here's how it works

In the ReSound Smart 3D App, you make a request that guides you through a simple questionnaire and an optional message describing the situation.

1. You send a request, description of the situation and an optional message in the ReSound Smart 3D App.

2. Your hearing care professional receives your request, along with an automatic record of your hearing aid settings.

3. Your hearing care professional sends precise fine-tuning adjustments and/or messages straight to your App.

4. You place your hearing aids close to your smartphone, tap install – and enjoy the improvements.

5. You give feedback about your new settings to your hearing care professional with the Rate My Sound feature of ReSound Smart 3D app.

lady adjusting hearing aid settings from phone

What are ReSound Assist users saying?

Users who have tried ReSound Assist appreciate the extra care they get, the ease of use, and the convenience it offers.*

  • 83% agree that it was easy to request assistance from their hearing care professional from the app
  • 89% said that it was easy to apply the new settings they received from the app
  • 77% said the new settings improved their hearing experience
  • 89% said that they are likely to recommend this service to others
*In-app survey with 70 ReSound Assist users in the U.S. and the Netherlands.
ReSound hearing care professional interacting with a patient during an appointment.