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ReSound LiNX² – my introduction to the world of private hearing care 

"Over the past year of using ReSound LiNX2 I have received numerous comments that both the quality of my voice has improved and volume levels have gone down."

Posted 07-25-2016 by sophieresound

25th July 2016 
Nick Higgins

When I jumped ship from NHS hearing aids into the world of private hearing care I was expecting better sound, a choice of coloured aids, and more options for streaming audio to my hearing aids from other audio devices. I got all the above, in addition to discreet hearing aids in an attractive grey colour that nicely match my fading hair colour. Perfect!

Hearing My Own Voice

I got my ReSound LiNX² from Neel at The Hear Clinic, who programmed them perfectly to match my hearing loss. When I heard my own voice with them for the first time I was surprised by how loud it was! To compensate for my hearing loss it seems I had raised my voice in volume to what I thought was an appropriate level.

Over the past year of using ReSound LiNX2 I have received numerous comments that both the quality of my voice has improved and volume levels have gone down. This has been noted by my family, teaching colleagues and science technicians. This was an unexpected and major revelation to me and has made a big change to how I interact with people and am also responded to.

Hearing Aid Practicalities

I used to have NHS fully occluded In-the-ear (ITE) moulds, linked by tubes to beige hearing aids. With the ReSound LiNX2 I now have tiny micro-moulds connected by thin wires to the small hearing aids. The effect is much more discreet and comfortable.

I was initially told by the NHS that due to my specific type of hearing loss I would need lots of amplification, which made the aids prone to feedback or whistling, so vented moulds were not possible. This left me with a constant feeling of wetness in my ear, and was the precursor to lots of infections.

Having ‘gone private’ and spoken to Neel, though, he told me that, due to the excellent feedback suppression available on the LiNX2, vented ear moulds would be possible and would help with prevention of infections. Now, having experienced a year of vented micro-moulds, my ears feel refreshingly ‘dry’. They are worth the money for this increase in comfort and reduction in infections alone!

Made for iPhone

ReSound Smart Hearing range of hearing aids remove the need for a streamer or intermediary device between the hearing aids and my smartphone. Any sound is streamed directly to the aids, which perform excellently. Apple also have some neat accessibility tricks which work with the aids and an iPhone. The phone can be used as an additional drop-down microphone. When the phone rings, even if it is on silent, the ringtone rings in my ear. This always brings a chuckle to me when I’m in the classroom (I am a teacher).

For my 53rd birthday I was given an Apple Watch (no more presents for Christmas or birthdays for the next decade it seems!). The beauty of this device is that I can control my LiNX2s from my watch. I can adjust all the settings on the watch face, which are normally present on the ReSound Smart mobile app. Using the watch is easier than using the iPhone in some situations - like in the classroom or on a night out in a pub or restaurant.


Out for dinner with the family


There are other benefits. Me and my other half are big fans of Bruce Springsteen and have seen him live in concert many times. The last time was in June at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The sound check was rubbish as, though he was great, it sounded too bassy for me. With my iPhone and the ReSound Smart app I was able to modify my treble and bass settings and improve the sound of ‘the Boss’. Something I never thought I could ever do when I started this journey!

Direct-Streaming Bluetooth

I like to listen to music, radio and watch videos as they appear on social media. The Bluetooth connection to the aids is quick and efficient. I use Spotify a lot to listen to music and the quality of sound I hear and even lyrics (mishearing lyrics is a constant source of amusement to younger members of my family) is improved. When scrolling through Twitter or Facebook you can sense the aids linking to the iPhone to play a video or radio track. The sensitivity and speed of this is amazing.

As a family the last year has been spent taking the eldest twins to various universities as they decide on their next adventure. Using the Apple maps app helps us find our way, and the audible map directions stream directly into my hearing aids which is wonderful and means my fellow passengers aren't interrupted.

Wind/Noise Reduction

Using the ReSound Smart app I can reduce the effects of background noise or wind. The wind suppression is ideal when climbing crinkle crags (walking is a hobby of mine). Though it does not remove the wind effect totally, there is a noticeable removal of background noise which does improve clarity. My eldest son referees all over the county and has turned up to ref in appalling conditions. I find the ability to change comfort in noise and/or wind reduction settings has been excellent for helping me follow his refereeing directions and also engage my fellow supporters in conversations pitch-side!

Working in Variable Spaces

I work as a secondary school science teacher, teaching Years 7 to 13 in different classrooms with different acoustics. The general pickup of sound has been better with my LiNX2s than other aids. The ability to alter bass and treble is great, though I do tend to test by trial and error to see how it affects the sounds I am hearing and what works best in different locations. However, using the app I can geotag the position of these hearing settings and use them later - so once I’ve found what works well for me I’m all set up.

Hearing Aid Technology and the Future

I feel that ReSound have really put a lot of time and effort into creating these LiNX2 hearing aids, and also the additional wireless accessories such as the Multi Mic and Mini Mics. At the time of writing I believe they’ve brought out a new Multi Mic which has additional microphones and can be used in all sorts of situations to improve your hearing even further.

I follow developments in hearing aid technology with all the major brands and am surprised that a few still seem to feel that a streamer accessory is somehow more important than linking to smartphones - which everyone seems to have these days!

I won’t lie, my ReSound LiNX² were expensive but for the quality of life they give me I am grateful to my family for letting me spend this money. In over forty years of hearing aid use, as boy and man, from mono analogue to digital stereo with and without streamer, using ear hooks or direct audio impact shoes, I have tried it all. From my perspective this is excellent kit - the best so far.

Thanks ReSound.