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The mic has been great for my hearing during the pandemic when we need to distance

“My life has been transformed.”

Posted 01-08-2021 by sophieresound

20th October 2020

Jean Straus

Jean Straus currently wears ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids and uses a ReSound Mic for more challenging listening situations. The words below come from an email that Jean sent into us about how she is using her mic for that extra boost during the pandemic when we all need to keep our distance from each other. Thanks for the email Jean! 

During the pandemic, the mic has been great for my hearing when I want to communicate with people in person, because, let's face it, we have to always be at a distance to people, I can go for outdoor hikes with a friend, and she can be in front or behind me. I can sit outside at a café with my daughter, but I'll hear her even when she's at the far side of the table, or ordering at the counter, or it's windy. We even did a bike trip, each of us giving the other directions from quite a space apart. 

Lately I've joined a new gym, and the two yoga and the Pilates teacher have all agreed to put the mic on so I can follow the instructions. They become very solicitous too, telling the other attendees what they're wearing and who it's for. Twice the same yoga teacher has started laughing during a class, saying he keeps thinking he's got his sunglasses hanging on his t-shirt. And when I use the rowing machine, so boring, I stream a podcast from my iPhone to my hearing aids, and I don't even notice that I've done half an hour.