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Cost of
hearing aids

Like most medical devices, hearing aids are an investment. The price of hearing aids varies quite a lot and depends on the style, the high-tech features, service and maintenance as well as your country's healthcare system. 
What's underneath the price?
Today's premium hearing aids are like tiny computers you can wear all day. They don’t just make things louder, they make sounds more clear, so you won't miss out on anything. Many also have features such as Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream audio directly to your hearing aids from various devices. They work together with apps for more personalization and control, and you can even request remote fine-tuning. 
Less expensive hearing aids are less likely to have these “smart” features. They might have lower performance levels and fewer sophisticated features as the price decreases.
Service and support

Just like people who wear eyeglasses need professional fitting, so does people with hearing loss. Selection and fitting of hearing aids require thorough service of trained hearing care professionals and is often included in the costs of the hearing aids. Your hearing care professional will test your hearing, help you chose the right hearing aid, then adjust and program the hearing aids to make sure they fit you.

Every case of hearing loss is unique and besides having to visit your hearing care professional for ongoing cleaning and maintenance you will most probably also benefit from visiting your hearing care professional for adjustments and fine-tunings. This may also be included in the cost of the hearing aid. The right adjustments, use and care of your hearing aids can be an influencing factor on your ultimate hearing satisfaction.

Insurance and financing plans

The cost of hearing aids depends on your country's healthcare and insurance system and some hearing care professionals might offer you financing plans.

A hearing care professional will be able to determine what type of device you need and tell you more about the price of the hearing aid and the professional services that go along with the fitting.