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Support for ReSound ENZO 3D
Please read this page carefully in order to wholly benefit from the use of your hearing aids. With proper care, maintenance, and usage, your hearing aids will aid you in better communication for many years.
Get to know your ENZO 3D hearing aids!

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User guide

  Video tutorials
Find out how to make the best use of your hearing aids and their smart features:
General settings and features


How to check if your hearing aids have a low battery.
How to use Find my Hearing Aid.
How to change programs.
How to use quick buttons.
How to check your wireless connection.
How to pair your ReSound Smart Hearing aids to a compatible Apple device.
Using favourites
How to add a new favourite.
How to edit program and favourite names.
How to delete, rename or change location of an existing favourite.
How to delete one or all favourites.
How to change settings to automatically apply or manually select a favourite.
How to save Sound Enhancer adjustments to an existing favourite.

Sound adjustments

How to adjust volume.
How to adjust the volume of a streaming accessory.
How to adjust bass, middle and treble.
How to use Sound Enhancer to adjust Noise Reduction and Speech Focus.
How to adjust Pitch and Sound Variation.
How to select Nature Sounds.
ReSound Assist
How to accept and install new settings with ReSound Assist.
How to request service with ReSound Assist.
How to restore to previous settings when using ReSound Assist.

Compatible ReSound apps support

Use our apps to play with your perfect sound settings for different environments, get tinnitus relief with therapeutic sounds, and more useful tips and tricks. 
Need personal assistance?
Take action now. We can help you find a hearing care professional in your local area. 
ReSound hearing care professional interacting with a patient during an appointment.