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Being part of the conversation with ReSound ONE

“My family all say that I am speaking much quieter and in fact on occasion I’ve had to repeat myself because they haven’t heard me! They are not irritated by hearing loss anymore.”

Posted 01-08-2021 by sophieresound

21st September 2020

Lynne Kingston

Lynne Kingston has lived with a hearing loss for years. After wearing hearing aids previously, Lynne has recently been fitted with ReSound ONE. Here, Lynne answers a series of questions about her experiences in her early days of wearing ReSound ONE. 

1. What were your expectations/reservations before trying ReSound ONE?
Before I had hearing aids, I didn’t really know what to expect. Having tried NHS aids out several years ago I found them uncomfortable and just a loud microphone of noise. I was unsure if hearing aids had progressed much or even if they could.

I have been surprised by the scientific advancements in the quality of hearing and the improvements made in the styles and shapes.

Moving on to the ReSound ONE, I was hesitant as to whether they could improve further. The technology used is extremely advanced and how it links to my iPhone is so sophisticated.

2. How are they different from your previous aids? Why is this important to you?
They are much more comfortable than my previous aids. They are softer in the ear and on the outer ear the material is smoother. The wire that goes from my ear is invisible and soft. I am almost not aware that I am wearing them. This is really important as I am less likely to keep taking them in and out. 

The sound quality is so much better. It is less harsh, gentler, and more of a natural sound. 

I especially think there is an improvement in the sound of my own voice. It now sounds more ‘normal’ than previous and less hollow. This is better when I am eating too, that sound is gentler.

3. What do you like most about them?
I like the fact that they are discreet and modern. They are rechargeable and the charge lasts more than one day. Although I do charge them each night. They come in a range of colours and mine match my hair and skin colour. I like the fact that they are easy to put in and remove and wear all day.

I like the fact they link to an app on my iPhone and I can easily alter the settings depending on the situation I am in. I am able to request assistance from ReSound through this app and my hearing aids can be adjusted virtually immediately.

4. In what situations do you think they will benefit you the most and why?
I think I will benefit in every situation. In particular, I find it easier to take phone calls. The call plays directly into my ear and this is a huge benefit. I no longer have to have my phone on loudspeaker.

In individual and group conversations I am able to concentrate on the people speaking to me. I rarely miss any bit of conversation now! If I am in a busy area like a restaurant or pub I can either use restaurant mode or ultra focus and it will reduce the noise around me. 

5. What impact do you think they will have on you personally? On your friends and family?
Honestly, I think they have improved my confidence when I am speaking to people. I am not anxious that I’m going to miss what they are saying. I still do have to ask somebody to repeat themselves on occasion but that is very rare now. I also don’t have to be looking at the person to hear them.

My family all say that I am speaking much quieter and in fact on occasion I’ve had to repeat myself because they haven’t heard me! They are not irritated by hearing loss anymore.

6. Is there anything you would say to someone like you who is hesitant about getting hearing aids? 
I would tell them not to hesitate in having a test and trying ReSound ONE. It is a big decision to accept that you have a hearing loss and I was especially concerned as to whether they would be discreet and stylish. They certainly are.

Being rechargeable they are easy to manage and insert and remove. They are comfortable to wear and you can be confident that they can be customised to your specific needs and they do work! 

You don’t need to ‘suffer in silence’ and you can be part of any conversation in any situation.