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Jonathan Bell
ReSound ENZO Q
Nov 4, 2020

Slightly sceptical at first as my previous HA’s were that good. But wow ! They adjust to wind noise automatically - great for walking the dogs, and due to the mic in my ear sound seems to be more natural ?

As easy to control as my previous HA’s via my phone and so I can still amaze my friends by taking calls hands free as well as listening to music while I work.

The interesting part is phone calls, if I don’t route them to my HA’s and use the handset I can actually hold it to my ear as you would normally due to the in ear mic.

In my view a really innovative move forward - charging is easy as it ever was and they last all day (and more)....

Their new design seems to fit more comfortably around my ears and they are as unobtrusive as my previous ones were.

I say 10/10 - but you need to try for yourself !

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