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Lynne Kingston
ReSound ONE
Nov 9, 2020

I have been wearing ReSound One for the past 3 months, prior to this I had Quattro. I am really pleased with the advancements and the technology used in these hearing aids.

They are extremely comfortable and the quality of sound is amazing. They match the colour of my hair and are discreet and easy to handle and use. They simply recharge at night.

I’m especially impressed with how they link with my phone and I can take calls, watch tv, listen to music and podcasts directly into my ears. Using the ReSound app I can adjust them depending on the surroundings I am in, such as, a windy day, a busy restaurant and in one-to-one conversations. Using this app I can directly contact my audiology support who can make any other adjustments I may need promptly.

The quality of the sound I can hear is really good. Wearing hearing aids for the first time takes some getting used to. I realise how muffled my hearing was before but now it’s sharp and clear. I am confident that I will hear in all situations and environments now. As people are wearing face masks it would be impossible for me to hear them without wearing hearing aids.

I am extremely satisfied with them and cannot recommend them highly enough.

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