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Ken Norman
ReSound ONE
Nov 4, 2020

I have had these hearing aids now for a month and I couldn't be happier with he product and service.

1 . The Product is smaller than the NHS hearing aids which makes them less obtrusive which is a huge factor.

2. Mine are rechargeable and I recharge them every night. One great advantage is that I am no longer distracted by the repeated warning sound when the batteries are running low.

3. In respect of programming the aids by the Audiologist My NHS ones were set for my level of deafness and I assume for a general level of sound situations. However, like all generalisations no one aspect is perfect. My ReSound ones have been set up for my level of deafness but by pairing the Resound app that has been loaded onto my mobile phone. I can program the aids for a whole range of sound situations such as all round, in a restaurant where it may be difficult to hear the waiter above the general noise level. I am able to fine tune each situation further by noise level, sound enhancing such as Bass, Middle and Treble variations and even reduce wind noise.

4. In respect of one-to-one situations, the addition of the Multi Mic brings added benefits as not only does it enhance one to one situation over a greater distance than can be achieved by using the app but brings clarity to group discussions when the general background noise levels drown out those discussions.

5. All in all the Resound One hearing aids have made a considerable improvement on my day to day hearing difficulties.

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