ReSound Remote Controls

Control at your fingertips

The large tactile buttons on the new ReSound Remote Control make switching settings and adjusting the volume simpler than ever. And if you like to see your settings, the ReSound Remote Control 2 shows them on a backlit display. 
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Real life benefits

Going out

Sitting in the car with the window open? Turn down the volume of both hearing aids or the hearing aid nearest the window to minimize wind and traffic noise.

Going into a business meeting? Easily switch to your preferred program for this specific environment.

Waiting in-store for your partner to finish their shopping? Relax, sit down and mute your hearing aids to take a break from the loud background noise.


Watching TV with your children or grandchildren? One press of a button on the ReSound TV Streamer 2 makes everyone happy with the volume.

Adjusting the volume of the sound streamed to your ears doesn’t affect the TV’s normal volume, so it’s perfect for you and not too loud for the others. Play with the volumes of both the TV streamer and your hearing aids, to hear all that’s going on.

Discreet control

You might feel like you are fumbling when you use hearing aid buttons to toggle through sound programs and the volume. Good news: The buttons on both the ReSound Remote Control and Remote Control 2 are larger and easy to navigate.

While most hearing aid remote controls are worn around the neck, our small, elegant designs can sit in your pocket or handbag, and you can make changes discreetly from there.

Control your hearing aids

The ReSound Remote Control and ReSound Remote Control 2 is one piece in the full ReSound Ecosystem of accessories and apps which enhance your ReSound Smart Hearing experience. 

If you have a smartphone, you can even get an app to control your hearing aid when used with the Phone Clip+. You can use the  ReSound Control app to adjust volume, change hearing-aid programs. All without touching – and drawing attention to – your hearing aid. 

Experience the ReSound Remote Controls

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