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Enjoy life with expertly fit hearing aids that are created
for your unique ears, needs and preferences.

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Did you know?

Hearing care professional
A custom-made fit uses the shape of your ear to create a better hearing experience

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ITE Quantitative study 2H 2020

48% prefer a custom solution after immediate diagnosis of hearing loss

GN In-house Customs
ITE Quantitative study 2H 2020

Comfortable fit, ease-of-use and discreetness are the key reasons for preferring a custom fit

GN In-house Customs
ITE Quantitative study 2H 2020

Advantages of custom hearing aids

All the benefits of other modern hearing aids in a smaller package

Modern in style, small in size

Custom-made hearing aids are available in different styles, sizes and colors to suit your lifestyle and degree of hearing loss.

Natural wind noise reduction
As custom hearing aids sit inside the ear canal, they are naturally shielded from the wind and help reduce wind noise.
Part of a complete custom hearing solution
You can easily control custom hearing aids as you would with other types of hearing aids by using apps, like the ReSound Smart 3D™ app, and wireless accessories.
Usability, comfort and custom fit
Custom hearing aids are lightweight, ergonomic designs that are comfortable and easy to insert, wear and remove. They are ideal for active people, and they do not interfere with glasses.
Natural and personalized sound
Custom hearing aids use the ear anatomy to collect sounds the way nature intended and can offer superior sound quality and a truly individualized listening experience.
Connectivity with everyday devices
Custom hearing aids like ReSound offer great wireless connectivity via Bluetooth® as well as direct streaming of calls and music from iPhone, iPad or Android™ smartphones.

Types of custom hearing aids

Explore the different kinds of custom hearing aids available and find a style for you.

Invisible-in-Canal (IIC)
The IIC style of hearing aid is the smallest style. It sits discreetly inside the ear canal, so it appears almost invisible to the eye. If you’re looking for a super-discreet hearing aid and have a mild to moderate hearing loss, this could be a perfect solution for you.
Completely-in-Canal (CIC)
CIC style custom-made hearing aids are also small. This is to make room for the functionalities that give you options to customize sound, such as volume control and changing programs to suit different sound environments. Therefore, CIC custom hearing aids will suit you if you have a mild to severe hearing loss and want a little more control over your hearing aids.
In-the-Canal (ITC)
The ITC custom hearing aid is the most popular style within custom-made hearing aids. It comes with even more options, including a dual mic, to hear the sound you want to focus on as well as be aware of sounds around you. ITC hearing aids also have wireless functionality, so they can connect with smartphones and stream phone calls and music directly to your ears.
In-the-Ear (ITE)
An ITE custom hearing aid is the largest style, and it covers all types of hearing loss, even severe hearing loss. Therefore, it has the most advanced features, such as ear-to-ear communication (right and left hearing aids connect with each other via a wireless signal). You can also enjoy wireless connectivity, so you can stream sound and calls from different iOS® and Android™* devices to the hearing aids.
Mic-in-Helix (MIH)
The MIH custom hearing aid is a unique solution for all types of hearing loss, which only ReSound offers. The largest part and computerized ‘brain’ of the MIH design sits in the ear, and the microphone lies discreetly under the small rim of your ear (known as the helix), connected by an invisible tube. The ReSound MIH hearing aid provides natural sound quality and extra benefits because the microphone is taken out of the hearing aid. The design is small, and the overall hearing aid is a perfect solution to reduce wind noise and annoying whistling, known as feedback.


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