ReSound bimodal
hearing solution

Collaboration with smarter hearing

Together with Cochlear, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, we have a collaboration called the Smart Hearing Alliance. We have a history of product and technology collaboration and in 2017, we proudly introduced a first-of-its-kind bimodal hearing solution – two different devices that work together to deliver a seamless hearing experience that’s MFi®.

What's a bimodal hearing solution?

Hearing aids and cochlear implants working together

A bimodal hearing solution is when you have a cochlear implant on one ear and a hearing aid on the opposite ear. 

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that users who have a cochlear implant on one ear can find great benefits from wearing a hearing aid on the other ear. Benefits discovered are:

  • Superior sound quality
  • Sound source localization (Spatial sense)
  • Speech recognition in noise
  • Music appreciation
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What's a Smart bimodal hearing solution?

Together with Cochlear we offer the first and only smart bimodal solution that’s MFi.

This means that with a Cochlear™ Nucleus 7® Sound Processor and a compatible ReSound LiNX Quattro, ReSound LiNX 3D or ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aid*, you can control your settings and stream sound directly to both ears from a compatible Apple device.

*Only BTE and RIE models support a bimodal solution
ReSound hearing care professional interacting with a patient during an appointment.