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World Of Sound

What would it look like if you could see sound?

Inspired by World Hearing Day, Soundly and GN have partnered to ask three acclaimed international artists to help us visualize sound and how it can impact our overall health.

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Sound's Invisible Power

Sound can connect us, move us or cause us harm. Most of us rarely think about this invisible force in our lives, and we believe it's time to change that.



1 Billion

At risk of hearing loss due
to excessive headphone use.

2 Minutes

Of unsafe music levels
can causes damage.

30% More

Young adults have hearing
loss than 20 years ago.


Meet the artists

We partnered with three international artists with three distinct styles.
Each one shared their perspective on sound.
Click on each artist's video below to review the story behind their work.

Design Cells

Design Cells creates striking video animations that help us better understand our bodies. She created a stunning, artistic visual of sound’s path from the outside world to the brain.

Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Australia. Andy dramatized three soundscapes from the CDC’s sound safety chart using colors and shapes to bring sound to life visually.

Weirdo Works

Weirdo Works is a youth-focused artist. His work captures an important message about hearing loss prevention in an unassuming internet-friendly style.

“Hearing loss treatment and hearing protection are critical to our long-term health and wellness, yet we don’t spend enough time talking about them”

Blake Cadwell, CEO of Soundly

How to take care of your hearing

  1. Take breaks – limit your time exposed to noises over 85dB and give your ears time to recover.
  2. Apply the 60 / 60 rule –listen through headphones at a maximum volume of 60% for a maximum period of 60 minutes.
  3. Don't fight noise with noise – don’t turn up your volume to drown out other sounds for example while commuting. Use headphones with Active Noise Cancellation headphones.
  4. Plan ahead – if you can’t avoid loud activities, use hearing protection.
  5. Know your smart phone – many devices have setting that let you measure and limit your audio exposure to loud noises.

Want to put your hearing to the test?

Want to put your hearing to the test?

The ReSound online hearing test is a quick way to gauge how well you’re hearing.

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