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Support for ReSound Key
Full ReSound Key line-up
The following videos will help you fully benefit from your hearing aids, such as enjoying great sound and connecting with the world every day.

Also read the care, maintenance and usage tips to incorporate into your daily or regular routine – to keep your ReSound Key™ in the best condition for years to come.

Start your path to better hearing with helpful guidance at every step. With our quick guides covering different topics, you can familiarize yourself with our great designs, technology and features.

The files will automatically open in a new window when clicked on.

User guide - Receiver-in-Ear hearing aids

User guide - Receiver-in-Ear Rechargeable hearing aids

User guide -Behind-the-Ear hearing aids

User guide -Behind-the-Ear power hearing aids

User guide - Custom hearing aids

User guide - Premium Charger

User guide - Desktop Charger

Need personal assistance?
We work with hearing care professionals all over the country and can quickly connect you with one in your local area. 
ReSound hearing care professional interacting with a patient during an appointment.