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Support for ReSound Phone Clip+
ReSound Phone Clip Plus.
The ReSound Phone Clip+ streams crystal clear phone calls and audio straight to your hearing aids. No larger than a matchbox, the ReSound Phone Clip+ is very handy and easy to set up and use. It will quickly become a valued part of your daily life. 

In order to best support those who are experiencing this new world, we've created support materials to help you familiarize yourself with this technology. The user guide will automatically download when you click on it:

ReSound Phone Clip+ user guide

See how easy it is to set up the ReSound Phone Clip+.
Find out how easy it is to use the ReSound Phone Clip+.
Need personal assistance?
We work with hearing care professionals all over the country and can quickly connect you with one in your local area. 
ReSound hearing care professional interacting with a patient during an appointment.