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Stories about hearing loss

We love to hear from people who are using our technology in inspiring or imaginative ways to help improve the quality of their lives and open new horizons.
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Upgrades in Hearing Technology

A reminder of how far we have come!

By Eric Jackson, World Champion kayaker


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The ONE provides the same bright, clear, sharp sound quality which is ReSound’s signature

"Even when you can hear speech well, the sensation of sound sources being balanced and knowing precisely where they are coming from is just a lovely thing." 

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Being part of the conversation with ReSound ONE

“My family all say that I am speaking much quieter and in fact on occasion I’ve had to repeat myself because they haven’t heard me! They are not irritated by hearing loss anymore.”

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Improving the range of sound I can hear with ReSound ENZO Q

“I now have even more confidence in my ability to communicate, knowing that with declining hearing, I have a comfortable safety margin of range, clarity, and volume to help me enjoy life to the full.”

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Upgrading to ReSound ENZO Q with ReSound Assist Live

“Having this remote option actually increased the continuation of a personalised service.”

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The latest ReSound LiNX 3D continue the trend for superb audio streaming from my iPhone

"My confidence on the phone has grown a tremendous amount over the last 3 years."

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There are so many different beautiful sounds that I now treasure

"Working in a forest I now hear several different calls from birds, woodpeckers, rabbits rustling, squirrels climbing and the leaves swaying in the wind." 

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The new Multi Mic - a truly great addition to my hearing experience

"The sound quality is great. I get a better sense of surround sound or stereo than when relying on my hearing aids alone. This is probably due to the greater number of microphones."

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Finding help with tinnitus in the form of ReSound LiNX²

"The device is so small no one can notice and even if it wasn’t, the benefits it brings far outweigh any doubts I previously had."

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ReSound LiNX² – my introduction to the world of private hearing care 

"Over the past year of using ReSound LiNX2 I have received numerous comments that both the quality of my voice has improved and volume levels have gone down."

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With ReSound ENZOs I can for the first time appreciate music

"They set up the Bluetooth connection and played the song. I literally burst into tears. It was a moment of joy I shall never forget."

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The technology is so simple and yet it makes such a big difference

"The impact on him has been transformational. His confidence has rocketed and he finds it much easier to understand the tasks set by his teacher."

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My ReSound ENZO

"The hearing aids are the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on - they’re just so good, and have had such a massive effect on my lifestyle and also my happiness."

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Learning to cope with hearing loss

"Everything had to be repeated – which really frustrated my daughter. But now I hear them first time."

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New discoveries after retirement

"It’s the little things that make the real difference. I can’t describe it. The only way I can put it is that the atmosphere feels lighter."

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